31 December 2013

Secret Santa

Something very sad happens when you are a grown up - you stop getting as many Christmas presents! 

So, to stop me feeling totally left out when the kids were opening their stupidly huge stack of gifts, I got myself signed up to a couple of blogger secret santas. 

The first of my surprise gifts to arrive was from the secret santa organised by the lovely Miss Hayley, who had suggested the gift boxes should include at least one Christmassy item - I loved the festive sign that arrived in mine and it took a proud place amongst my other decorations! 

blogger christmas swap

As well as the sign I also from an Amie face mask (I love these things, have used them several times and my skin always thanks me for it!), and Avon Mascara (a 'super curlacious' one in Black Diamond), Elf Blush (in Twinkle Pink), MUA Power Pout (in Broken Hearted) and a lovely coconut lip balm from Next (prompting the realisation that despite my multitude of lip balms I didn't until now have a coconut one - and I'm glad that's been rectified!). A great little box of treats that was really fun to open - thanks Santa!

xmas blog swap

My next gift came from Char's secret santa - I did take a picture of it beautifully wrapped up and god know what I've done with the photos, but here's what I found inside!

sinful colours barry m christmas

You can never have enough glittery nail polish, at Christmas especially and these are grand additions to my collection. The Barry M polish. Rose Quartz Glitter, is a real knock out and I couldn't resist adding it to my Christmas Day nails...

Christmas nails

aint that pretty? 

The Sinful Colours polish I got, All About You, is lovely too though, a really warm coppery gold glitter - I'm yet to try this on it's own but looked grand over a post-Christmas red, which you can just about tell from my blurry photo! 

christmassy nail polish

I love my gifts and I feel really lucky to have been paired up with such awesome santas! Thanks again to Hayley and Char for organising these and to everyone else who took part too! 

I did actually sign up to another one too and though my gift hadn't arrived by the time we broke up from work, hopefully it'll be waiting for me when I go back in a couple of days! 

Hope you all got lots of fabulous things too! 


  1. Beautiful items! I loved playing Secret Santa this year.



  2. Ohh lovely gifts! I love Next's Coconut lip balm though I have it in the older packaging.. It smells so good!
    I really like All About You, too - I only bought it because it's a McFly song (!) but it's super pretty over dark colours especially :)
    Hope you and your family had a lovely Christmas!

    Jess xo

    1. Y'know, I never made the McFly association but won't be able to look it without singing it now - thanks for reminding me!

  3. Aw I loved the secret Santa (even if I did open my present early!)

    Danniella x | www.famousinjapan.co.uk

    1. I'll admit to opening one of mine early.... it was an accident - honest! :)


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