31 January 2014

Chinese New Yea with Jing Tea

In honour of Chinese New Year (it's today - Happy New Year!), I've been celebrating in my favourite way - with tea! Jing Tea kindly sent me some of their favourite Chinese Teas to try out to help get me in the mood for the occasion, and I've been drinking away at work this week with my brother as my accompanying taste-tester.

The selection I was sent includes black, green and white teas for a really good spread of tastes and tea types, and it gave me a really good excuse to dust off my favourite little tea pot (which is admittedly Korean not Chinese but still makes a cracking tea) and get brewing!

Jing white tea
The first one we tried was the White Peony Tea, as neither of us has had as much experience with white tea as with the green and black varieties. Research on the Jing website told us that white teas have a 'sweet flavour and soft texture without the vegetal quality of green tea', which sounded perfect to me as I do like green tea a lot but I'm not always keen on that bitterness that sometimes accompany it. When made up it doesn't look entirely dissimilar to green tea, but there is definitely a taste difference. This is much more mellow than the teas I am used to, a pleasant and refreshing brew that Jing assure us is 'soothing and gentle on the weakest stomachs'.
Chinese new year tea

The green tea I was sent was the Organic Jade Sword Green Tea. Now, as I said above I'm not always keen on the bitterness that often accompanies green tea, but this had none.

Jing Green Tea

This surprised me so much for a few minutes I wasn't sure I'd made it right, 'til my brother (who obviously drinks a better class of green tea than I do) assured me I had. Instead this just had a lovely fresh, clean taste and know I know what green tea can and should be like I definitely won't be going back to the cheap supermarket teabags!

Chinese Tea Jing

I'm usually a black tea kind of girl so I saved the Yunnan Gold 'til last. One of the reasons for my black tea preference is that it seems to go so much better with baked treats than other kids of tea, so imagine my delight when I saw on the webpage that one of the recommended ways of having this is 'with a late afternoon slice of Madeira cake or a sticky piece of Baklava'. I don't need any encouragement to eat cake with my tea but I'm always happy to have it anyway!

Jing Tea for new year

 I don't know if it was the underlying cake associations but I really loved this tea, a little sweet, a little spicy, a lot tasty! This id full of flavour and really quite special - I photographed it with milk as that's my black tea preference but it was great without too.

chinese black tea

Each of my tea samples came in 10g bags, which should be enough for around 6-10 cups depending on tea type. These 10g packs cost between £2.20 and £2.65, meaning a very reasonable cost-per-cup (which decreases further with larger packets) and along with the three varieties I've tested here there's a huge selection of other tea types available. The Keemum and Whole Rose is next on my list to try! They also sell a number of teas in bags for those a bit wary of dabbling in loose leaf tea, as well as some absolutely gorgeous glass teaware.
 Are you doing anything for Chinese New Year? And, more importantly, should I get a Chinese takeaway tonight?


  1. Oooh Yunnan tea is one of my faves.
    The teapot looks fab! :) x

    1. I love my little teapot, its nice to have an excuse to get it out!

  2. I loooooove having cake and tea!!!

  3. Yes to takeaway - always yes to takeaway!
    I love white tea, and your teapot is super pretty! I've not heard of Jing Tea before, will have to have a browse :)

    Jess xo


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