21 January 2014

Hask Keratin Protein Range

It's been a good long while now since I reviewed the Argan Oil hair care range from Hask and since then I've been using the Keratin Protein range instead - this lot has had plenty of use!

Primark shampoo

You may have seen these products pop up in Primark over the last few months... the oils and conditioning treatment have been around for a while but I think the shampoo and conditioner are pretty new, and anyone that's seen me freak out a little on the subject knows how much I like my hair products to all match so I'm very pleased that I can now pick up the full range with ease!

Hask Keratin Protein Hair Review

The Shampoo and Conditioner - both free from 'orrible stuff like sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, drying alcohol, and artificial colors - include hydrolyzed keratin to reduce frizz and leave your hair all smooth and soft. Since my hair is pretty much all frizz most of the time I imagine I put this up to quite the challenge but the first time I used this combo I was massively impressed, my hair felt soft and clean but most importantly had definitely lost some of the frizzy aura it usually has!

I saw 'the first time' I used it because unfortunately after the first couple of uses my hair went pretty much back to normal. A whole load of trial and error has demonstrated that my dry hair slightly prefers the Argan range from Hask, but this one is fabulous for shaking things up in between! And of course all hair is different, so this might just be the perfect set for you - it's certainly a good one, with a gorgeous sweet scent and a pretty purse-friendly price tag (around £4.50 each).

hair care from primark

The deep conditioner and the oil are also very welcome additions to my hair care routine, and while again I think I personally benefitted more from the Argan Oil range, these are still great products in their own right. The deep conditioner sachet is big enough for  couple of uses even on my messy mass, and really makes a big difference to both the feel and look of my hair. I've been using the Hask oils now for so long I can't even really remember what my hair was like before to compare the two but I know I've not wanted to stop using them since! I tend to apply a couple of blobs to my wet hair as a matter of course, but even using regularly I find they last a good long while and so are proving great value for money as both these products are just a couple of pounds each!

Hask have also had a recent new website design, and it's looking rather fabulous! Go check it out and see which range you think would work best for you - I've got my eye on Macadamia Oil for when I use all these up! You can also say howdy on twitter or facebook.
Have you tried any Hask products yet? Which is your favourite?
* These products were provided for review purposes.


  1. These sound so good, I keep looking at them in Primark.. I may have to invest and see how I get on!
    Great to see an affordable range with friendly ingredients :)

    Jess xo

    1. exactly! It's not where I would have expected to find great hair products but I'm happy to have them there!

  2. I've not tried anything like this before, but it sounds intriguing! I'll be keeping my eye out for these when I'm next in Primark.


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