29 January 2014

Introducing Memebox - Korean Beauty to Your Door

I did say to myself, when starting this blog, no more beauty box posts. There's always a million review of each months Birchbox, Glossybox,... whateverelse box most of which I'm sure are more interesting and informative than anything I bring to the table.
But then I discovered the memebox, and trust me - you want to know about this!

korean beauty box

The memebox comes all the way from South Korea - home of cute-as-can-be costmetics, brilliantly bonkers ideas, and the worlds best skincare.
Happily, the box came with a little card explaining what the products all are and how they should be used. But, like an idiot, I've gone and lost my card. This means not only will my descriptions to you be vague at best, but that I'm bound to get the application of these completely wrong as all the on-packet instructions are written in Korean only and mines a little rusty (by which I mean, non-existent).

korean false eyelashes

So firstly we have one of those brilliantly bonkers products, this weird jelly plumping lip mask thing. I've not had this out of the packet yet but Michelle over at Satchels and Pearls got one of these too (read her post about it here!) and she's just told me it's great so I'm looking forward to trying it!
I've only ever tried false eyelashes once, and badly, but since I have a new set I might as well give these another go!

dr jart serum memebox

When it comes to sun cream, I'm a factor 50 girl through and through so this will work out great for mw if and when the sun comes out again, and I love the Dr Jart products I've previously tried so I have high hopes for the V7 Eye Serum!

memebox samples

I know that the cc cream craze has made its way over here now, but if my bb cream experiences have taught me anything its that there's a world of difference between the UK high street versions and their Korean counterparts!

secret kis ssparkle gel eyeliner korean

Make up wise, the box contained the sweetest little Tony Moly lip tint, this aint half pigmented and is really quite awesome, and the super-smooth Secret Kiss Gel Pencil liner.
Then, the final and possibly most intriguing product, the Bounce Cheese Cream. Yes, I said bounce cheese cream. Apparantly this is 'extend bouncily on your face such like mozzarella cheese'. I have no idea that that means but I love it already!

Korean cheese moisturiser

The memeboxes are not subscription based, and I'm gutted to have missed out on the next one (this was box three, and four has already sold out), so I've preordered five and can't wait to see what comes in that one! You can get them here, but you have to be quick when they release a new one as they seem to be selling like hot cakes!
The box was $21 with $7 shipping, so I think it worked out around £18, and the value of the products inside far exceeds that - I think this is excellent value as well as being tonnes of fun!

What should I start with first?


  1. this looks amazing! might have to reconsider another beauty box!

    1. I can never resist new beauty boxes! :)

  2. Bounce cheese cream?! That sounds mental! Love the look if this box!!

    Jess xo

    1. Doesn't it just?! It doesn't smell cheesy though :)

  3. What a great idea...it seems like all the beauty youtubers go crazy for Asian cosmetics and here you've got some delivered to your door! I totally miss my beauty boxes but have sworn them off until I use up my ridiculous stash of sample products!

    Also I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! You can check out the post at http://www.ayankinblighty.com/2014/01/first-month-blogging-check-and-liebster.html.

    1. I keep telling myself I need to do that too.... oops!
      And thanks for the nomination! xx

  4. I wanted to buy box 4 and it was sold out and it happened to me again when 5 came out :'( box number 6 is out now and I ordered it right away not to miss it :) Cant wait to get it. Great post! xo's

    1. I've got 6 on order too - you've gotta be quick! Can't wait to see what comes in it!


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