29 January 2014

On Selfies and Cute Jumpers

I know a lot of bloggers have fancy camera bits to help take outfit posts, tripods and remotes and the like, whereas I haven't yet figured out how to even use the timer on my little camera, so I'm learning to make do.
I wanted to show you my cute new jumper from dresslily.com, so thought I'd try a couple of things out. At the weekend I dragged the little ones to Barnsley for a museum day (for tea and cake purposes - more on that in an upcoming post!), where - while waiting for them to draw pyramids and dig for historical items, I found myself gazing into a big mirror. Hurray for the 'mirror-selfie' thought I, having no such device on this scale at home, and so I bring to you the first of my cute jumper pictures:


The other option often open to me is to use one of the little ones as a photographer.. now this can lead to some very interesting shots... 'artistic', some might say (though out of focus is a more accurate term). But every now and then, purely by accident, you do get a picture of the thing you wanted..


Anyway, on to the actual point - my lovely new jumper! I was offered the chance to pick something from the dresslily site, and despite how incredibly cute some of their dresses are, it was this warmer, woollier option that took my heart!
I just fell in love with the colour of it, such a pretty minty green - though it is actually available in a range of other colours, and the little applique girl is adorable - just look at that cute little face!


At the minute this can be yours for less than £11, and that's with free delivery all the way from China! They have loads of other gorgeous stuff on the site as well, so it's definitely worth having a good look around! Dresslily are also on twitter and facebook.

EDIT: I've since broken my camera, and have reverted back to my old one - one which I have a vague understanding of how to get the self timer to work, so I thought I'd have another go at photographing this item. Unfortunately, my self-timer attempts ranged between being completely useless...

... to being a bit ridiculous as I attempt to throw myself in front of the lens at the right time...

... I don't know what I was doing with my hair (or my face for that matter), I'm assuming I'm trying to make it behave in the wind? But i really have no idea... after a couple of these attempts looked likely to end in injury I thought I'd take my most useful and sensible approach yet: Find a helpful adult to operate the camera for me!


I think from now on I should definitely take a grown up photographer out with me! What do you think - should I just give up on the selfies altogether?! 


  1. Awwwwwwwww it's so so cute! I don't have a fancy camera either so my boyfriend takes all my pictures, luckily he's very patient with me!

    PS did someone say cake? :D

  2. This is so cute! I love the colour.
    I've been known to balance a camera on the garden wall in times of desperation.. Looks like your little ones aren't doing so bad, though! :)

    Jess xo

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