30 January 2014

Afternoon Tea at Rudding Park

Eek, I'm a bit behind on my 2014 Tea Project updates - I'll never get through the full list at the rate!

The second place we headed to for afternoon tea was Harrogate's grand Rudding Park Hotel after hearing great things about their Clocktower Restaurant.

Good afternoon tea yorkshire

I had a really good feeling about this place before we even set off - not only did the website descriptions sound delicious, but they let me book in via a friendly twitter conversation which is great for me as I'm terrible with telephones!

It was a nice drive up and the place is well signposted which is handy as my navigation skills are about as good as my telephone skills!

Indoor tree harrogate
On arrival we were shown to our table in the conservatory - a lovely airy space with loads of natural light, a huge contrast to the much darker room on my previous visit to Holdswoth House. Crockery was all white and matching, very clean, crisp, modern.
The sandwiches that come as standard with the afternoon tea were honey roast Yorkshire ham, tomato mozerella and rocket (my favourites, I could have eaten these all day!), and smoked salmon with cucumber and watercress. I can see me saying this a lot this year, but why do these things always include salmon? Yuck! Though, the ladies on the table next to us asked to substitute some of their sandwiches and the staff were only too happy to help so maybe I should try that next time!

Harrogate cakes

The cake selection was great, with a very generous four little nibbly bits. We got a pear and redurrant custard tart (really enjoyed this despite not actually liking custard!), white chocolate and lemon curd mousse (light and tasty), milk chocolate hazelnut delice (rich and sumptuous) and a lemon drizzle cake (sadly just a teensy bit dry).
rudding park yorkshire scones
Unfortunately for Rudding Park, the scones at Holdsworth House have set whole new scone expectations in my life that these just couldn't match up to. They were good - fresh, warm, tasty - but couldn't quite match up the scrumminess (or sheer size) of the HH version.

rudding park yorkshire

Where Rudding Park really did excel was the helpful friendliness of the staff and the comfortable ambiance of the place. It was a lovely afternoon tea experience and would go back in a heartbeat! (Just another 30-odd other places to get through first!)

Do you have any good afternoon tea recommendations for me? What's the best scone you've ever eaten?


  1. Looks fab honey - i will have to try it x

  2. Oooh I think I may be dribbling! It all looks so good! :)
    I love the sound of the Hazelnut Delice!

    Jess xo

    1. I think that might have been my favourite part!

  3. That tree in the middle is SO COOL!

    I'm terrible at afternoon tea, I don't eat sandwiches so I just end up munching on all the cakes. Although I'm pretty sure that works out best for me in the end. :)

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

  4. This place looks absolutely gorgeous!
    Makes me want to go for afternoon tea RIGHT NOW!


    1. You should! Its always a good time for tea! xx

  5. Mmm! This all looks delicious. Was worth waiting to see xx


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