26 January 2014

Sunday Soak - Lush's Dragon Egg

Not long before Christmas I bought a couple of bath bombs from Lush for Christmas presents, and just had them hanging round my bedroom for a couple of weeks until the big day. Every now and then, during these weeks, I'd randomly catch the scent of something amazing. Now at this time was storing a lot of Christmassy stuff around the room so hadn't pinpointed the source of this amazing scent until the time came to distribute said items on Christmas Day. 

Best lush bath bomb

Once I realised it was the Dragons Egg, I knew I had to get my hands on one for myself and I managed to wait a whole day before ordering one. Much as I wanted to chuck it straight in when it arrived, it seemed more like a 'special occasion' bath bomb and I thought that after my terrifying ordeal at the dentist earlier this week (OK, it wasn't that bad but I am a massive wimp when it comes to the dentist), I'd need a cheer-me-up treat and chocolate probably wouldn't be suitable! 

That amazing scent Id been obsessing over is described as 'reminiscent of lemon sherbet with a hint of jasmine', I don't think I'd have put my finger on the lemon sherbet fragrance until reading that but it's just about right and explains why just smelling it always put a smile on my face. 

nicest bath products

Once the Dragons Egg hits the water, it starts emitting a soft white foam, and shedding the brightly coloured confetti 'dragon scales', but it really starts to get special when the water hits the centre of the bomb and it starts to erupt luscious liquid gold and cracking with dragon fire (or popping candy). 

lush bath dragons egg

When it all settled down you are left with gorgeous glittery old bath water. The only slight sour point is the 'confetti' seems to turn into weird gloopy little blobs of goo which is a bit odd - it looks like mini jellyfish floating around in my dragon water. 

At £3.25 it's among Lush's pricier selection but it's huge and is quite the stunner - one of my favourites so far! 


  1. This looks awesome! Lovely review Kel.
    I finally move into.a flat with a bath in 2 weeks. Sooooo excited to start buying bath bombs!!

    Kerys x

  2. Wow this looks really cool! Just a shame about the gooey bits haha!

  3. Ah this looks awesome, I love the sound of the liquid gold middle! Hope your dentist trip was okay :)
    Our four-year-old CRIED this week because the dentist had to postpone her appointment and she was so excited about it haha

    Jess xo

    1. That is definitely not my reaction to the dentist! a couple of fillings and shell learn the fear! ;)

  4. Ooo this looks intriguing, I want to try it now! Glad to have discovered you through #lbloggers xx


    1. Aww thank you! and its definitely worth a try! x

  5. That looks pretty fabulous! What an amazing colour! :)
    Carrie xx


  6. Everytime I see these I'm tempted but still not sure - dragon water? Good! Mini gooey jellyfish? Not so much!!
    M x Life Outside London

    1. haha I can see your point! I never really felt them or anything, just looked a bit odd! :)


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