12 January 2014

Sunday Soak - Nspa Icelandic Spa Rituals Gift Set

I've been playing with a whole set of bath treats this week - after all, if a job is worth doing, it's worth doing properly!

Nspa seem to be huge blogger favourites at the minute but this is actually the first time I've tried any of their products - this was a gratefully received birthday present!

nspa christmas gifts

"This spa inspired range is infused with essential oil of Pine Needle to transport you to the snow-capped mountain spas of Iceland."

I was lucky enough to visit this spectacular country a couple of years ago and anything that could mentally transport me back to one of my favourite places was already off to a great start!

icelandic bath products

In the same way I understand the Nspa facial skin care to work, this is essentially a three-step system (with bonuses). The first step, 'cleanse' comes in the form of the bath soak, a wonderfully fresh-fragranced bubble bath. I really didn't need a lot of this at all to make lots of nice bubbles and reckon I'll get at least three or four quite generous baths out of this. 

asda christmas gifts

Though not numbered, I can only assume that the Massage Soap that came in the set would be counted as part of the 'cleanse' stage too... the little bobbly bits are fun for a massagey wash and its actually really nice soap, soft and lathery with the same gorgeous Eucalyptus and Watermint Scent as the rest of the range. 

The second step is to exfoliate and the provided body scrub is lovely. A fairly gentle salt scrub but combined with that ultra refreshing fragrance left my skin feeling not only soft but really invigorated! 

icelandic scrub asda

The third step, for 'moisturising' is the one I had least success with. I don't know if I was just slightly wary of it because the gel texture and the minty scent reminded me of toothpaste, but overall I just found it a wee bit sticky to make it one of my favourite all-over-body moisturisers. It does, however, work as a super wake-me-up-gel for tired out legs so I'll just save what I have left for that from now. 

tired leg cream

Unfortunately I can't now spot this gift set on the Asda web page, which is a real shame as it had definitely encouraged me to buy the Japanese and Thai Spa Rituals set that they'd released as well. Hopefully they'll all be available next Christmas, or maybe if we all pester Nspa nicely they'll re-release them? 


  1. I have never tried anything from nspa - but I've heard lots of wonderful reviews & this gift set looks lovely. I will have to try a few things next time I'm in ASDA

    1. It's a great gift set, and I definitely recommend picking up what you can! :)

  2. I really like nspa's products, their skincare is lovely and all their bath products smell amazing!!

    Jess xo

  3. I can never find nSpa in any ASDAs near me which is such a shame as their products are lovely.

    Danniella x | www.famousinjapan.co.uk

    1. There's never any on the one nearest my house either but we've a big one in town where I can usually find a few things!

  4. I never tried anything from this brand before but I'm not a fan of sticky moisturizer.

    1. No, me either really and it's a shame about that, but everything else was lovely!

  5. Ohhhh the moisturise step seems strange been a gel. But the scrub looked gorgeous


    1. The scrub is properly lovely, but the gel did take a bit of getting used to!


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