16 January 2014

T Shirt Store, Leeds Trinity

Oh dearie me, this post is a bit late now as it was well before Christmas that I was invited to the pre-opening of Leeds' newest and coolest stop off for fashion and accessories - The T Shirt Store.

t shirt store opening

I'm getting a bit ahead of myself though, I really should start this at the beginning, and the beginning in this instance is when I got home from work one day to find a brand new and very nice phone case had arrived for me in the post. 'I don't remember ordering this?' I thought to myself, though it wouldn't have been the first time I'd forgotten about buying something... but a closer inspection revealed it was actually part of an invitation to come and visit the new store - by far and away the coolest invitation to have fallen into my hands!

where to buy cool t shirts in leeds
This obviously helped get me very excited to bob along to the event, which made it even more annoying when our train to Leeds was delayed! Simone and I finally got there (fashionably late) and after a momentary panic where we didn't think we'd get into the locked doors of the exclusive event, we were welcomed in with drinks and pizza! No one even seemed to mind that I turned up all out of breath and promptly ate all the food I could get my hands on before ever really saying hello to anyone...

 I recovered from my ordeal (the ordeal of walking quite quickly from a train station to a nearby shop - it's a hard life!) soon enough though at which point I managed to finally turn my attention to the T-shirts and other fabulous things on display!

unusual t shirt designs

Fairly obviously, given the name, a lot of the products were T-Shirts. But what T-Shirts! I guess really there are two main aspects to a great T Shirt, the quality and the design.
The T Shirt Store produce their own T shirts from 100% fairtrade and certified organic cotton. The pride in the store managers voice when talking about the quality of their products was obvious - and that kind of passion for providing something a cut above other high street stores is just one of the thing that sets this place apart from many potential competitors.

leeds phone covers

The T Shirt Store work with a multitude of great designers from all over the world, and have a huge range of designs on offer - funny t-shirts, clever t-shirts, pretty t-shirts, and most importantly, t-shirts with cats on them. I really think you could find something for everyone here and as I was walking round the store I couldn't help thinking 'oh that would be perfect for my brother', 'xxxxx would love that'. Each T-shirt is only produced in limited numbers, which makes each one that bit more special, and new designs are released each week.

tshirt designers leeds
It isn't just t-shirts though - the sell a fantastic range of phone cases like the one I was sent, as well as laptop cases, bags, hats and socks!

cool owl bag

I did say that looking at the t-shirts I saw a little something for everyone I know, and I spotted the perfect thing for The Mister for Christmas while I was in there. I knew it wasn't likely at that point that I'd make it back into Leeds before Christmas so decided to order it online instead. This is a great option for those not lucky enough to be near one of their UK stores (just Leeds, London and Guilford at the minute!), as it's free delivery (woo!) and the one I ordered arrived within a week despite coming all the way from their home in Sweden!

I 'borrowed' it just so I could show it off a bit while confirming the tip-tip quality and cosiness!
I definitely recommend a store visit if you get chance, but otherwise you can find all the current designs and loads more info about the brand on their webpage, or you can say hello on twitter or facebook!


  1. I love the How To Draw An Owl bag - so funny!
    You have such a lovely smile :)

    Jess xo

    1. Aww thank you! :) and yes, that one made me smile a lot 'oh, it's that simple, of course!' :)

  2. Looks like they have some really quirky bits and pieces!


    1. They've got some really great stuff - definitely worth checking out!

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  4. Nice T-shirts!! :)


  5. I passed this shop last time I was in Trinity and was very tempted to go in - I might have to give it a go next I'm in Leeds!

    Sharon x

    1. I haven't been back to leeds since then but I'll definitely be popping in next time I'm in the city!


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