22 January 2014

Valentines Breaks

Valentines day is on it's way, and though I don't usually do anything for the occasion I do always appreciate an excuse to daydream about places I'd rather be.

Of course, you don't have to go to far flung and exotic destinations to enjoy spending time with a loved one - it should go without saying that my very own Yorkshire will always be near the to of that list! One benefit of going on a more local trip is that you have to spend less time travelling which means you can spend more time relaxing, sleeping, eating, drinking or... whatever else you might get up to on a romantic break!

North Yorkshire's Ox Pasture Hall is currently top of my wish list, I'm getting old and lazy these days so don't want big exciting adventures or tiring activities, I want to snuggle up somewhere cosy and pretty for a weekend and have afternoon tea, and this looks like just the place!

Romantic weekend getaway

Now, if someone said to you 'British holiday destinations' you probably wouldn't automatically think of 'Leicester', but we've made it at least a stop off on our family holidays for the last couple of years! It started with a a leaflet picked up at a service station one day, advertising their 'Stay, Play and Explore' breaks and we've been every year since for the 'family fun' package in which you get a hotel stay and entrance to a number of local attractions. Family fun might not be quite the right thing for a romantic valentines trip, but there are also a couple of adult based options. I like the sound of the 'Gourmet taste of Leicestershire'!

foody break midlands

Now, I did say that I was too lazy to go too far from home but there are exceptions, and I don't think you can fantacize about romantic breaks without at least considering Paris. I've been lucky enough to visit this wonderful city a couple of time but never really in any particularly romantic excursion. I went once with my dad to watch rugby, I went once with my brother to run round museums... you get the idea. I'd love to go back and appreciate the city as it should be - filled with food, wine and romance! 

valentines weekend getaways

My actual valentines day plans might stretch to putting Casablanca in the DVD player cracking into a tub of Haagen Dazs (incidentally not a bad plan for any day of the year!), but I think I might be inspired to consider a couple of nice trips for later in the year! 

If you are lucky enough to have any big valentines plans I'd love to hear them! And if not, where do you wish you were going?

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  1. York isn't a bad one. Jorvik Viking Centre could be worth a romantic visit.

    This year I'm forcing Mr R to cook me a three course meal!

  2. Aw these sound lush! We are staying in and cooking together :)


  3. I oughtn't to say this, Lancashire lass as I am, but North Yorkshire is beautiful!
    No Valentine's plans as yet, although the other half is on about going to get our tongues pierced..?

    Jess xo

    1. you know Yorkshire is the best! :)
      that sounds like something different anf fun to do together - more interesting than going to the cinema! :)


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