21 February 2014

A Shoe Wishlist

Since I'm still having camera trouble it's making blog posts a little tricky, and as I'm coming to the end of a backlog of photos I have I figured it wouldn't hurt to utilise some of those already existing on the internet in the form of a little ole shoe wishlist.

I've always loved pretty shoes, the difference is now I actually wear them on occasion rather than collect them like a creepy miser while wearing my battered old Etnies everywhere - and I think that kind of development should be rewarded - with new shoes!

It wasn't 'til I got all the pictures of my desired footwear together that there were a couple of kitty based shoes - but then who doesn't love kitties?! The Tuk ones, available from Debenhams (£49.95), are just adorable and the black white and red colour scheme is always a winner, and the Irregular Choice pair, a Schuh exclusive (£69.00), are about as sophisticated as shoes with cats on are ever likely to get.

Rounding out my top three are these sweet Babycham anchor-printed beauties. I'm usually a big fan of Babycham's skyscraper-esque Fern shoes but I can pretty much only wear those while sitting down - the Kimberly Anchors (£60) are just as pretty but a lot more foot-friendly!

The black and blue brogues I'll confess are mens shoes... I was having a quick peek through the Ted Baker SS14 Lookbook and though there are some gorgeous womens shoes included there, it was these that really caught me eye. I thin it's that lovely blue - gorgeous! I know they weren't designed with me in mind but I'mm pretty sure I could rock the heck out of them! 

If there's any doubt about that though, the Gabor Cher lace ups £(61.99)from Mozimo make for a pretty decent more feminine alternative. They're described as trouser shoes, though trousers would be the last things I'd wear with them, further concreting any existing notions about me not having the first clue about fashion. Ah well! 

Then, at the bottom of my pile for interest levels, comes the trainers. My brother, who I love and admire for his honesty if not his tact, has informed me this week I really need to start going to the gym (though to be fair his reasons are based on finances rather than meanness). This means I need some new trainers and it's so hard to find a pair that aren't just ugly! The Puma Classics (£55) are one of the least offensive-to-the-eyes pair I've spotted on my little look around before I got distracted by pretty shoes with cats on them. Sadly, it looks like that if I were to treat myself to one of the above pairs, these would be the most necessary!

Anything you've got your eye on, shoe wise? Which would you get if you were me? 


  1. I had some TUK shoes with cats on before. Flats, they killed my feet. I ebayed them. However those heels are tempting and my TUK Piano heels are actually reasonably comfy!

  2. My friend has several pairs of those cat shoes, she's never out of them :)



  3. They're all so cute, I want them all!

    I love the Irregular Choice Whimsical Meow boots (and oldy but goody). My favourite shoes are IC, mint green and white striped low stack heels, with bunnies all over them. I've had them for 3 years now and can never wait for March-May for when I can legitimately wear them without looking too bonkers!

    I think you should get the Anchor ones, they'd go with pretty much everything and they're tres chic! xx

  4. I love those anchor ones. If I wore heels on a regular basis I would definitely be buying those. Shame I don't wear them often enough to justify buying some :(

  5. Oh goodness, everything in the top row is adorable. I rarely wear heels these days, but I want all of them just so I can stare at them!

  6. I love the irregular choice pair! There dreamy! xx


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