17 February 2014

An Outfit for a Tea Date

Since the last time I attempted an outfit post amid much discussion of the difficulties of taking such photos without a fancy equipment/a competent adult camera operator, I had a most unfortunate setback in which my precious little camera has... well lets just say its fallen out with me a bit. Hopefully its only a temporary issue but was one more setback on the route to getting these outfit photos taken (other setbacks include, but are not limited to, car accidents, dropped lollipops and the dark) that it feels like a real achievement to finally be able to present them! 

This outfit is the one most recently worn for a lovely little tea and cake date with blogging buddies Hayley and Faith at the weekend. We visited the wonderful Jeanettes Cakery in Saltaire. Unfortunately I didn't get nearly enough pictures to eke out a whole post on my visit (though you can read about it in Hayley's post here) - which just means I have to go back again soon! 

Anyway, the outfit: The dress is Yumi Direct; it's no big surprise, a lot of my dresses are - they have so many pretty things! This one, the Check and Rose Print Dress, was a birthday present from my dad - didn't he do well?! 

In fact, thinking about it - the cardigan was also a Birthday preset, this time from my Grandad - the men in my family really stepped up this year! It's a New Look one and is so snuggly I've practically lived in it since I got it! 

But really the best bit about this outfit, the reason I wanted to chuck it all on and get it snapped, my favourite shoes! 

I snapped these up for the bargain price of £25 in TK Maxx last year but have only just started wearing them as they got a bit 'tidied away' when getting ready for Christmas! They were described by one of the lovely ladies at the weekend as 'Vivienne Westwood meets Alice in Wonderland' and I love that idea! They're remarkably comfortable for something so ridiculous looking and I can even walk in them without wobbling all over the place! 

Am I crazy or are these brilliant? 


  1. You look gorgeous and those shoes are lush well worth the money! :-) xx

  2. I really need to visit Jeanette's, it's crazy when you live so close to these things and never discover them :O :O

    Your outfit is simple gorgeous :)


  3. I love that dress, and those shoes! If only I could wear shoes like that every day!! Love them!

  4. I am in love with those shoes! xx

  5. I love this dress, such a good idea to buy it :P
    And the shoes, wellllllll I am an enabler right?!

    Michelle | Satchels + Pearls

  6. cute outfit, I need to wear red more xo

  7. Love your dress and shoes are cute too :) xo's


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