5 February 2014

Tea and Cake at Experience Barnsley

As some of you may know, I've been spending my year so far working my way through Welcome To Yorkshire's Delicious Tea Trail, and t'other day I spotted a bit of an oddball on the list. Where all the other entries referred to a single tea-drinking venue, this one was a must less specific listing for 'Barnsley Museums'. Not one to be dissuaded by a bit of confusion, I bundled the little ones in the car and we headed down to Barnsley for a day of culture and cake.
Experience Barnsley Museum

We headed towards Experience  Barnsley as it seemed like it might be one of the more hands-on attractions, but the café there was our first stop off point as we were all pretty hungry by the time we got there! The café itself wasn't anything spectacular but was clean, bright, and had a nice picture from 'Kes' on the wall, which made me smile.

Experience Barnsley
Food wise they had half a dozen hot meal options on a board, complimented by a very decent selection of sandwiches, toasties and paninis. A board above the counter told me the 'Panini of the day' was Chinese Chicken and Cheese so thought it only right I give this a try, though unfortunately they'd run out of paninis but the time I got there so just had it as a toastie instead. This was freshy made and absolutely stuffed with chicken and served with a lovely fresh side salad so, especially for the kind of place it was, I thought it was a bit of a bargain for £3.25 (I'm sure I've paid not far off that for stale and more-or-less empty sandwiches at Greggs etc). The kids meals - just those sandwich box things you seem to get everywhere - were also around this price point which is definitely less than I've paid for them elsewhere, but with bigger and better sandwiches!

barnsley museum cafe food
And of course, the most important bit is the tea and cake! They had a little selection of teas but I just got a 'normal' one, along with a generous slice of lemon cake. The top of my cake looks a little mushed on the picture but it was the first slice out of the cake which is always a little tricky to get out neatly. The full cake looked so pretty and perfect I almost didn't want to disturb it get myself some, but I'm so glad I did - delicious!
The only problem with the café was that they don't accept card payments, which meant we had to head back out in the rain to find some cash before we could eat.

lemon cake with pot of tea
The museum itself was pretty cool - free, like all the best museums are, and the kids were given a little booklet to fill in with a list of things to look out for which helped hold their attention for a couple of hours. We had hoped to hit another one of the local museums (and get more cake) too, and had the nearby Cooper Gallery on our list but didn't realise it wasn't open on Sundays. I always thought Sunday was a prime museum-visiting day, so it seemed a shame but I'm sure they have their reasons and maybe we'll get back to that one another day.


  1. Looks like an amazing day and that tea and cake trail is such a great ides! :)

    1. Thank you! I've been having a lot of fun with it so far! ;)

  2. Hi having tea & cake is always a good idea! Sound like a great day for you. xx


  3. I love your afternoon tea posts, even if they do make me hungry!

    Kayleigh xo

  4. This looks so cute, I really must go for afternoon tea soon :)

  5. It looks lovely, I've never actually been to Barnsley! That cake looks so good and your toastie sounds really nice, too.

    Jess xo

  6. I need to get on this trail, even if I am a Lancashire Lass, I do love a good cup of Yorkshire Tea.

    Also I still haven't read Kes, the film made me so sad that I'm worried to read the book!

    1. Yorkshire Tea is the best plain old supermarket tea money can buy : )
      I've never read the book either but I remember being devastated by the film the first time I saw it :)


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