19 February 2014

Bluebird Teas - Mowgli's Spice Chai & Monkey Chops

From first reading about the Bluebird Tea Co an age ago on Steph's blog, I knew it was only a matter of time before I placed an order. That time finally came, and faced with too much choice I panicked and bought everything.

Ok so I didn't actually buy everything, but I did get a very healthy selection of teas to be working through. I saw on the site they do various 'experience packs', containing smaller 'try me' pouches of different teas - available in pre-selected themed collection (so five green teas, or chai teas for instance) or as a 'pick n mix' pack. My difficulty in narrowing down the long and exciting list led me to ordering two of these taster packs - making choices based on the product description or the ones I liked the names of!

Don't worry I'm not gonna try to write about all ten teas in one go - I know I waffle too much anyway so it'd be neverending! But I luckily seem to have acquired teas that fit into natural pairings, and so here's my first - jungle-themed - pairing!

Mowgli's Fire Chai

Really hot spicy tea

I had these delivered to work where I occasionally share an office with my tea-loving brother. On pondering where to start he asked 'got anything spicy?'. Based on the name alone I figured Mowgli's Fire Chai would fit the bill nicely. I opened the packed expecting that lovely chai aroma, but this.. this was so much more!

Pineapple and coconut, amongst other juicy ingredients, have been added to the tea mix for an extra tropical punch and this smells incredible from opening the packet.

Chai from Bluebird Tea Co

The magic really though is in the finished brew. A lovely fiery red colour to match the heat of the taste, this really does have a kick to it. Not in an unpleasant, burn your mouth out kind of way, but a warmth you can feel in the back of your throat from the first sip. Little brother got a bit obsessed with this tea and unfortunately it's all gone now - this is truly marvellous and is definitely on the repurchase list!

Monkey Chops

Banana flavoured Tea

Monkey Chops definitely had an intriguing name, which should give a big clue as the the unusual addition in this tea - banana! This is a flavour combination that had just never occurred to me, but it really wonderful! 

As well as dried banana chunks this black tea also packs a hefty vanilla flavour, leading to a very smooth and creamy brew - even more so if you add milk! 

unusual tea flavours

I didn't love this as much as Mowgli's Fire Chai, but it was still very lovely - like a warm banana milkshake (but much nicer than that actually sounds!) and I'd certainly consider it again in the future! 

A 50g pouch (which will do about 35 cups) of the Fire Chai is £5.25, and the same sized pouch of Monkey Chops is £4.95, both available from Bluebird Tea Co. The chaps down at Bluebird are also dead friendly on twitter, so do go say hello! 

I'll be back soon with my cakey pair! What's the most interesting tea you've ever tried? 


  1. Wow the fire chai has a gorgeous colour to it, I've tried (and liked) a lot of dragon black teas - I wish I could remember the names, luckily we have a great independent tea shop near us to get some really nice blends.

  2. Ooh, the fire chai sounds interesting! I'm not a fan of banana, so monkey chops wouldn't be for me! Who would have thought to put pineapple in the fire chai though? I can't believe some of the flavours Bluebird Tea Co have! xx

  3. Love the name Monkey Chops :) Cant imagine banana in the tea...might be interesting.

  4. The fire chai tea sounds really good. I am not sure about the Monkey Chops, I am not a huge fan of bananas. I am enjoying a cup of cinnamon apple spice tea right now...


  5. Fire chai sounds awesome to me - everyone seems to be posting about Bluebird Teas at the moment - I reckon I need to get hold of some!

    Sharon x


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