25 February 2014

Nail Art Weekly Project - Glitz and Glam

This is the last week of Danni's Nail Art Weekly Project, with a project title of 'Glitz and Glam' - and a suggestion to 'go wild with glitter'. I'm a glitter lover and have a whole bunch of sparkly polishes to my name. I was tempted to just pull them all out and go a bit crazy but there's a fine line between 'glam' and 'disco ball disaster' and I managed to reign myself in a little! 

really glittery nail polish

Yup, I managed to limit myself to a single polish (raising the question for the third week in a row of whether this actually constitutes nail 'art' but Shhhhh!) - Ciate's the Hamptons. My reasons for choosing this one were nothing more complex than it's very glittery and I've not worn it yet, but it really is a lovely thing! 

ciate hamptons swatch

It did admittedly take four coats to get such a thick covering, though would look grand with less as sparkly addition over another colour. I love it on its own though, the fat silver pieces really standing out on a blue-green bed of finer glitter for a really luxurious look.

And that I believe is it for the Nail Art Weekly Project, so big thanks to Danni for organising and all the other girls for taking part! 

I'm ruminating on a little nail based project of my own in the near future, so if you've finished with this one and think you'll be at a loose end otherwise, or just  fancy joining in and being nail buddies let me know below with an email address and I'll get some details sent out! 


  1. I love glitter based nail polishes and this turquoise colour looks amazing. I've heard of Ciate polishes before but I haven't tried any yet. Lovely post :) missvintagevibe@blogspot.co.uk

  2. I'm not so into crazy glitter polishes but the shade of this is really really beautiful.

    Georgina at itotallypaused.com

  3. Oooh I love this shade and the glitter is lovely!! I'm scared to wear glitter though as I have so much trouble getting it off x


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