7 February 2014

Korres Wild Rose Valentines Set

Firstly, I'm going to admit to completely cheating today - this is a old posted that went up elsewhere last year. But I've just heard that the same set is available again this year (with a new funky makeover) so thought it might be worth re-sharing. This is the gift set that made me fall in love with this brand and if no one is likely to buy you it for Valentines Day you should just get yourself one! And now I shall commence with my recycled ramblings:
As we've just hit February, it might be time for some of us to start thinking about Valentines day.

My parents have never celebrated Valentines day. I was brought up to believe, as they do, that it's essentially nonsense. I've always agreed that couples should not need to be told when, or how, to show their affection, and that a spontaneous romantic gesture means so much more than a prompted one.

That being said, I am getting softer. Though I'm still not a Valentines fan as such, it no longer inspires in me the disdain it once did. Maybe I'm getting more romantic, maybe I'm just getting lazier. Maybe I'm just shallow and like the excuse to buy and receive nice presents?

 And as far as Valentines gifts go, I don't think you could go too far wrong with this beautiful Korres Special Edition Gift Set.
Valentines Roses gifts

The Korres Valentines Gift, comprising of a shower gel, body milk and lip butter, is a great alternative way of giving Roses, and last longer than the more traditional dozen stems too!

For a start, the gift set looks beautiful. The lovely deep reds are perfect for Valentines and the labels signify the quality of the products, while still being fun. I love how clearly the ingredients are listed in a way that is easy to understand.

The Japanese Rose Shower Gel is gorgeous - thick and creamy, it foams up a treat and smells delightful, capturing the 'velvet, sweet essence of rose buds'. Rose scented or based products are one of my current obsessions anyway so this is right up my street. It also contains some fabulous ingredients, so the results of washing with this go further than just being clean: Active Aloe - which has plenty of vitamins C and E, Zinc and antioxidant enzymes - great not only for the skins immune system but also helps minimise and signs of aging!

 Great shower gel though it is, one of my great loves in life is a good bath, and this doubles up wonderfully as a bubble bath.
Shower gel ingredients korres

If I had one point slight complaint here, I do with that lovely smell would linger slightly more on my post-showered skin, but this aroma can be re-captured by coating myself in the matching Body Milk.

This stuff is incredible. I'm a big fan of body butters usually, quite a strong scent and very moisturising, but you can tell when you've applied it - more often that not you can feel the product on your skin, often with an accompanying dampness or stickiness. I've never used a product that soaks in like this. Your skin doesn't feel like anything is on it, but is left soft and smooth, and I find the scent of this does last a few hours. I'm a bit in love, and thought that this would definitely be my favourite of the three products, but that was until I tried the Lip Butter in Wild Rose.

Rose scented body cream

This was probably the product of the three I was most excited to try, having heard so many wonderful things about them from some of my favourite bloggers. Opening it up I was a little nervous about the colour as it looked very dark, but this leaves the most beautiful colour on my lips. It feels wonderful too. The Lip Butter contains Shea Butter and Rice Wax which are both great for the condition of you lips, which is perfect as mine are definitely feeling the effects of the cold weather/central heating double hitter they've been going recently. I can completely see why these are as well-loved as they are, and I'm definitely planning on building up my collection.
Lip care in a pot

tinted lip care

I would be one happy lady if I received this set for Valentines day (or any other equally romantic but not-quite-so-commercialised day). Though of course that's no excuse for not providing chocolate as well!

There's two weeks left to start dropping hints, and Korres products are available from a number of online retailers such as ASOS. The RRP of this set is £20, which is great value considering the individual prices of the full size products included.


  1. I will start dropping hints from today LOL x

  2. This looks lovely set :) I guess its time to drop hints :D

  3. I love the Wild Rose lip balm & wear it all the time. This is a great set & I would be one happy lady to receive it for Valentines Day

    1. The lip balm is incredible, isn't it?! I want to try the others but think this is my favourite, colour wise :)

  4. This looks like a beautiful set, the body butter sounds lovely, as does the lip balm :)

    Jess xo

    1. They're both fantastic! Definitely worth investing in! : )

  5. I did have a little deja vu when I read the products name hehe
    But I'm glad to hear it's back because Rose scented products are amazinggg :D
    Thanks for reminding me about this!



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