14 February 2014

Lots Of Love Always - Keep Calm Soap

Before about a year ago I never really used proper bar soap. Too many associations with the old white perfumey blocks that dried my skin right out and looked so cracked and uninviting after the first use. It took me a long time to shake off those negative connotations and embrace the beauty and wonder of good soap.

Lots of Love Always Soap Company

I was recently send this gorgeous slice of Keep Calm soap from Lots of Love Always, a company who really do understand the value of presentation - their products are absolutely gorgeous!

Everything made by Lots of Love Always is hand crafted (in small batches for freshness!) and designed for ultimate aesthetic appeal - from the cupcake soaps to the bath souffl├ęs, everything not only looks good enough to eat, but like you should be eating at an elaborate tea party at a fairy tale castle!

hand made soap gifts

The soap bar I received was beautifully presented in a little cardboard box wrapped up in a pretty and patriotic ribbon in to match the red, white and blue colour scheme of the soap bar itself. Also included was a very prettily folded note explaining how best to store and use the soap to get the most out of it.

Keep calm soap

The actual soap - The Keep Calm Soap Bar - avoids those 'skin drying' problems buy including nourishing Shea Butter as one of its main ingredients. I washed my hands with this about 15 minutes ago and haven't gone running for the hand cream yet which for me is pretty impressive as it's usually the natural next step! It has a lovely fragrance designed to help you 'keep calm' - sandalwood, jasmine and lily of the valley to 'seduce the senses' and the scent lingers around a while after being used too which is nice!
I definitely want to try out some of their bath products next! You can find Lots of Love Always on twitter and on facebook for updates of exciting new products!


  1. Ohhh, I never knew soap could be so beautiful! I might have to invest in some, that scent sounds gorgeous, you must want to wash everytime you look at it! haha Emma x


  2. Such beautiful packaging and a lovely soap too!


  3. this sounds gorgeous :)


  4. These look amazing! And bath souffles - how wonderful! :)

  5. I love when companies put effort into packaging! SO adorable! ♥b

    Brittany's Secret

  6. The soap looks like it smells nice and I love the pretty little packaging! :)


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