16 February 2014

Sunday Soak - Lush Star Light, Star Bright Bath Melt

During a conversation yesterday with Hayley about bath products, it came up that we both have some of the Lush Christmas things lying around. When I realised this morning that the bath stuff I had brought home on Friday for use over the weekend was still in the car (which meant I had to go into the cold outside world to get) I remembered our conversation and figured that a much more handily placed Lush thing would do in its place for now! 

Christmas products lush

The first one I came across (and nearly the last of my Lush Christmas stash - gulp!) was this pretty little thing - the Star Light, Star Bright Bath Melt. I've never used one of the bath melts before from Lush, as I usually can't resist the big showy bath bombs but I'm always a fan of anything that promises luxury bathing and moisture boosting in one.

silver bath bomb

The shiny silver coating came off on my fingers with the slightest touch leading me to be a tad wary of the potential glitterball-esque after effects the bath, but I don't appear to have come out of it looking too shimmery! (There is a hint of left over glitter though so maybe not one for everyone?) The silver dispersed pretty quickly on hitting the water leaving a creamy looking star with a bright blue blobby bit in the middle. 

Lush bath melts christmas

As this all melted away I was left with the most beautiful milky blue water, with just a touch of sparkle. Best of all though was the scent! I often find that while Lush products smell really strong in their complete solid form, that this often disappears quite quickly. Star Light, Star Bright on the other hand was one of the strongest and long-lasting scents I've come across from the brand, and one of the nicest! Zesty lime with a hint of warming ginger, a real mood lifter!

what lush products make my bath blue?

This all led to one of those baths I just didn't want to get out of, I loved it and its just a real shame that this was only a limited edition product - fingers crossed it'll be back next year! 

(I'm not entirely sure how much this cost on its own as it's showing an 'unavailable' on the website and I got it as part of a gift set in the sales rather than buying it on its own!) 


  1. Not sure i'd like the silvery stuff on the outside, but it does not leave the water looking like I thought it would! x

  2. This looks gorgeous! I wouldn't really like the shimmery aspect but I love the colour it's turned the bath water, and the scent sounds pretty amazing too :)

  3. SO pretty! Love lush--wish I lived closer to a store! ♥b

    Brittany's Secret

  4. This looks gorgeous :)



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