22 February 2014

Memebox 5 - Korean Beauty Box

I got another jolly delivery of beauty treats this week, the fifth memebox - a beauty box featuring a host of skincare and beauty items all the way from Korea. After getting the third box, I missed out on the forth that sold out in the blink of an eye so I was very happy to get my mitts on this one! And here's what I got in it:

Korean Beauty Box

A couple of face friendly bits - a Nuganic Customize Pore Control Essence - a lightweight gel that apparently reduces the appearance of pores, I'd love for this to actually work! And a CNP Laboratory Cleansing Perfecta, a cleansing gel for removing stubborn waterproof makeup and sunblock.  

korean pore control essence

I also got some of these Lipozone Body Ampoules, that increase skin firmness, reducing cellulite and fat cells. Like the 'pore refiner' above, this is something I have doubts about the likelihood of it performing as promised, but that's just cynical old me. Would be nice if it did anyway! There's also a DermaB Body Lotion.

koren bikini ampoules

The Espoir Lip Gloss is the only make up product in this box which is a shame as the Korean buts are usually quite fun to play with, but this is quite a pretty lip gloss. 

I've been using a lot of soap recently but I still think it'll be weird using it on my face, as I've been limiting it to hands and body so far, bit I am intrigued by this Sella Soap which is apparently great for anti-aging and pore-minimising. 

espoir lip gloss

The final full sized product in the box is an Aromatica Tasteless Aromatherapy Roll On, for applying to temples and pulse points. This says it 'enhances yoga techniques', so maybe I should get some yoga done! 

Along with all these came a bunch of little samples, cleansers, cc creams, and other bits and pieces! 

Despite coming from Korea, the meme boxes are available all over the place and this one took less than a week to get to me from shipping - I've had things take longer from within the UK! The one currently on sale here is box 9, which is on sale for $23 dollars plus shipping but its worth keeping an eye on the site as they sometimes do deals on multiple buys etc! I got a bit carried away on one of these deals and pre-ordered a whole bunch of these so have a few more coming - can't wait to see what comes in them! 

Let me know if you want to peek inside the rest of my boxes! 


  1. I missed box #5, but got my hands on box #5-2 and got most of the same products then in 5...Great post :) Love memebox!

  2. I realllyyyy want to try Memebox, the products always look so interesting. I love the sound of the Pore Control Essence :)

    Jess xo

  3. This looks a really good box to try x

  4. Wow you get so much for the price & so many full size items. Jealous. Also I know a yoga place you can go, they do Yoga Hero classes, which I hope is like guitar hero :)


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