13 February 2014

Tea at Bettys, Ilkley

The Ilkley branch of Bettys Cafe was my latest stop-off on my Yorkshire Tea Trail Project and one that I've been looking forward to! 

best tea shops in yorkshire

As I imagine is common at Bettys, we had a bit of a wait to be seated, but here we were waiting inside in a weather proof corridor leading from the lovely little shop to the cafe (I've seen them queuing in all weather outside the York branch!), and we only had to wait about ten minutes to be shown to our seats.

Bettys wall decorations

As there are six Bettys locations on the list, I made the executive decision that the full afternoon tea at each would not be necessary (as it would financially cripple me, as well as possibly giving me diabetes). A nice pot of tea and a tasty treat at each should do nicely!

I did spy the cake trolley on my way in which had some of the most perfect too-pretty-to-eat cakes on it, but as I'd not eaten much by this point I thought I'd lean towards something a little heavier, that perfect balance between savoury and sweet - the Fat Rascal.

Best scones ever

For those not familiar with this very Yorkshire baked delight, a Fat Rascal is like scone on steroids. It's huge and juicy and fruity and delicious, and this was served warm with butter that just melted right into it so the whole lot just tasted like heaven. There's a good reason this is a Bettys bestseller (even inspiring its own range of Fat Rascal merchandise!), and it speaks volumes that I didn't take a second look at the dainty tarts on display after eating this!

smiley scone

The tea was also a delight, with Bettys having by far the most extensive tea list of any of the places I have visited so far on my tea travels! I opted for the China Rose Tea, which was really lovely - a great rose flavour without being 'flowery' - but there were plenty to choose from and I will do my best to try one of the other varieties at my next Bettys though this will be hard to resist! It was all of course beautifully served - oh, which reminds me to mention the authentically vintage adorableness of our lovely waitress! The uniform I imagine is mandatory but the extra touches of the old fashioned hair and make up really added to the nostalgic atmosphere.
With it being a surpisingly sunny day, we also tried out the Orange Juice which was out-of-this-world good!

afternoon tea in ilkley

I did notice that when it came time to pay the card machine was automatically handed to my male companion though I was paying, but you can't expect such old-fashioned charm without at least a touch of casual sexism! Not a big deal obviously but just something we both noticed.
The place was an absolute delight and I can't wait to get to the next Bettys venue on my list! Does anyone have any particular recommendations from their cake trolley for my next visit?


  1. Now I want cake - this look so yummy. I love the casual sexism at the end haha, literally returning you to a bygone era :)

    I am sure I spot a cheeky T-Shirt store tee in there too hehe.



  2. Look at you with that Fat Rascal. MMMMMM.

  3. I love the Fat Rascal face hehe
    I've always wanted to visit Betty's but heard about the queues to get in, I couldn't believe how quiet it looked from your outdoor picture

    Did there used to be a Betty's in Leeds City Centre?


  4. Wow...that seems like the place to go :) Now I feel like having tea and cake :)

  5. I'm from York so I regularly see a lot of people queuing in the rain to get in! It's such a lovely idea though, I love their fondant fancies :) xx

  6. That looks delicious!

  7. Love fantastic! But now I want a Fat Rascal haha!

    Sharon x


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