3 February 2014

The London Perfume Company - Lovers Corner

Now we are in February, there may be some of you thinking about Valentines Day presents, and one traditionally romantic gift that always seems to go down a treat is perfume.
If you were thinking along these lines as a gift for a loved one this 14th of February, here's some good news for you - with a number of fragrances available in The London Perfume Company's 'Lovers Corner', you get an extra free gift. Now that'll get you in the good books! 

valentines free offers

You can take your pick of a number of three 'Georgio Beverley Hills' bears and a heart shaped solid perfume so you can make one special person feel very treated, or, if so inclined, make two people feel a bit treated! 

As if that wasn't enough, you'll also get yourself some Love Heart sweeties with each order too - these might not be enough to keep a third valentine sweet but every little helps! 

There's plenty to choose from - not just single perfumes but gifts sets and body products too, plenty for him and for her, so lots of choices for finding that perfect present for Valentines Day! 

What would you most like to receive from your other half/a secret admirer/Ryan Gosling this year? 


  1. WHO IS RYAN GOSLING? Is he the guy on the colouring book? x

  2. Yes he's the colouring book guy! do you just not watch films or something?!


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