2 February 2014

Viking Stationary

I used to think I was alone in my stationary obsession, until I discovered the world of blogging and realised there's loads of us that are equally excitable by bits of paper and pretty coloured pens!

blogger stationary

The very first job I had after leaving school was frankly terrible... enough to have me running straight back to college at the next available possibility. But there was one part of the job that made it all worthwhile - I was in charge of ordering stationary for the office! It was by far and away the best part of my job and I wasted spent as much time as possible going through the Viking catalogue with a fine tooth comb. In my current job it was decided the role of stationary-orderer should go to someone else as I tended to spend the budget on cute notebooks and colourful highlighers instead of things that would have actually been useful for work.

pukka pads hightlighters

So when I was offered the opportunity to receive a stationary bundle from Viking Stationary, I obviously jumped at the chance - especially when I found out that the bundle also came with chocolate!

The multipack of fun size chocolate bars admittedly didn't last long, but I did share with everyone! The big tub of hot chocolate, on the other hand, should last a good long while. We are a predominantly coffee-fuelled office but when I get those mid-afternoon chocolate cravings it's good to know we'll have this in the cupboard!

fun size bars

Stationary wise, the pack came with some great things but my favourites are the Pukka Pads. I know most bloggers tend to prefer really cute little notebooks with adorable designs, and I love these too - but if they are too pretty I don't want to write in them! The Pukka Pads on the other hand are what I used to use for making all my Uni notes so they very much inspire me to get some work done! 

I've been using these to do a lot of my 'blog planning'. I know I should move into the modern day and do all my planning on the computer but I'm a pen and paper girl at heart and I love the fact I can easily fit these pads, along with one of the pens sent, into my bag to take anywhere with me. It hasn't actually made me more organised but hopefully I'll get there one day! 

viking elastc bands

The most exciting thing to arrive for one of our staff members though was the big box of rubber bands! Sheryl has been working on her rubber band ball for a while, slowly building it up from the odd rubber band that our post has come held together in, and she's not done a bad job - but I can only imagine the size of it when she gets this box worth added to it!

Anyone else a stationary addict? Who wants a rubber band ball update? 


  1. Gah, I love stationery so much. I have more pens than I ever could use now, but like... I want more. That rubber band ball is looking pretty good so far!

  2. Oh I love stationery too and my rubber band ball will be pleased when I get round to putting more on :-) Thank you so much Kel x


  4. I'm a pen and paper girl too. In Tokyo there was so many adorable stationary shops, and there was also a 100yen shop, and they had so much cute stationary, Mr R had to drag me out of there, pens and pads full of English words and sometimes meaning nothing, but oh I loved it! xx

    1. Oh wow! I remember my japanese teacher telling me about the brilliant stuff you could get in these shops - I need to get me there!

  5. I love stationary too. And I love looking through the Viking catalogue. The free gifts are good too, we have had so many random ones from Viking: a hamper, chocolate, mug, more chocolate and more stuff I can't remember aha! It's brill :)


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