25 March 2014

Barburrito and Amigos Masterclass

Last weekend I had the very exciting opportunity to pop along to Barburrito in Leeds for a Burrito-making masterclass, with Amigos tequila flavoured beer to wash down our creations! 

Amigos tequila beer

We got settled on our stools in the otherwise-closed Boar Lane branch of Barburrito (that's a new one if you are already familiar with the more established site on the Headrow), where we met Kate from Amigos who introduced us to our featured beverage for the evening! Now, much as I was excited to try this, I was also a wee bit wary. I like beer, and I don't have anything against Tequila, but my only attempt at this two-in-one drink effect was an unappreciated room-temperature bottle of 'Desperado' at a house party in my youth. I just wasn't keen. But thankfully Amigos is a much more palatable option! 

best beer to drink with burritos

A fat wedge of lime helped any initial fears as I thought the juicy addition would take the edge off any unpleasant taste, but Amigos proved highly drinkable - so much so that I was happy to ditch the lime and enjoy the fresh flavour of subsequent bottles! 

Around the same time as I polished off my first bottle, we were presented with a tasting tray of the burrito ingedients! I bravely (or foolishly) went straight in for a dip of the hottest salsa, which may have slightly affected the taste of everything that came after it! The idea was to try and spot the individual flavours in the filling pots, but after salsa-ing my tongue it was a bit harder for me identify any delicate flavours for a while!

whats in a barburrito

Though the intricacies of everything were lost on me, I definitely got a broader sense of what tasted good - which was pretty much everything! This also helped narrow down which of the ingredients I might want to chuck in my burrito! 

After a burrito-folding practice session - which I was really bad at - it was time to get down to business and put together something I could actually eat. When it came to fold mine, I was still really bad at it, so I did have to get a bit of help from one of the lovely Barburrito professionals, who made it loo like it wasn't the trickiest thing in the world! I have a wealth of respect for the staff here who apparently serve up one of these bad boys every 25 seconds - it took me longer that that to figure out what meat I wanted in mine, nevermind wrap the whole thing up into a nice little bundle! I don't think they'll be offering me a job anytime soon....

burrito blogger event

Saying that, it turns out I make a delicious Burrito, so maybe they should offer me a job after all? People might have to wait a bit but some things in life are worth waiting for! 

While we all finished up eating we had a chance to learn a bit more about the brand. One of my favourite things about Barburrito is that they opened their first branch in Manchester - its always exciting to get something 'first', instead of brands moving up north after being settled in London for some time first. That's not my absolute favourite thing though, that has to be the taste - yum! 

I had so much fun learning about and eating burritos, and learning about and drinking Amigos, in a cosy, friendly blogger environment - and I have been craving another burrito since I left so I'll definitely be back! 


  1. This sounds like a really fun evening out! Reading this post has made me super hungry...

  2. This sounds like such a fun event! I love burritos :)
    Definitely agree that it's nice for is northerners to get something "first" for a change, too :)

    Jess xo

  3. Sounds like you had great time!

  4. It looks like such a good night out! I'd love to do something like this, even if it's hosted at a friend's house, but everyone's too busy clubbing all the time =[

    The food looks so yummy!!!


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