26 March 2014

Bellevue Tea

I was recently sent some lovely teas from Bellevue Tea, which I have been enjoying at work for the last few weeks! 

The little boxes of tea they sent are so handsome; neat and compact with clear, bright packaging, the teabags individually wrapped 'for freshness' (but doesn't this always make them just feel a bit 'fancier' too, like you are drinking them while staying at a nice hotel?)

rooibos and english breakfast teabags

I was sent two boxes of tea bags, the English Breakfast tea and the Rooibos. The English Breakfast is a great 'everyday tea', and has become a go-to for when the fancy flavoured ones we've been enjoying recently were a bit too much. I asked my brother what he thought of it and his assessment was clear and to the point, so I thought I'd share it with you: 'When it comes to 'normal' tea, the only real distinction is whether its a good one or a rubbish one. This is a good one'. Bellevue were a bit more poetic with their description: 'The robust character and warm colour of the high grown Kenyan tea, from the cool slopes of Mount Kenya, is perfectly balanced by the lighter, more fragrant Sri Lankan tea. A delicious and truly fortifying blend, to be enjoyed at breakfast and throughout the day'.

I deemed this good enough to be my only source of tea on a recent family weekend away (a weekend full of tiredness and coldness, where tea was not only a source of pleasure but an absolute necessity), demonstrating my absolute faith in this particular blend to get me through! 

tea bag with tags

The English Breakfast was an absolutely grand every day brew, but I loved the Rooibos. I've only ever really dabbled in rooibos before, but out of all the plain, non-flavoured rooibos I've tried, this might be my favourite... maybe something to do with the fact that this seems sweeter than others, but a 'natural' seeming sweetness, rather than an artificial sugary taste!

Though I generally have milk in tea where applicable, I'm more than happy to drink this rooibos (red bush) without, as it has a real sweet smooth taste even without it. It's a calming cuppa too, great for bedtime (no caffeine!) or just for helping get through stressful work days!

nice big tea cup

As well as these nicely packaged tea bags, I was also sent a pack of their loose Very Berry tea. On opening this pack I was hit with the strongest, loveliest berry scent, and was pleased to see a great amount of real dried berries in here. When left to infuse for a few minutes, this concoction results in the most vibrant red colour and maintains that juicy aroma. Sadly, this one just isn't really for me - the hot berries taste just reminded me a bit too much of blackcurrant lemsip to be hugely enjoyable! Not bad, by any stretch, but my least favourite of the three here. If you are into fruity berry teas though this might be right up your street! 

bellevue very berry

Since mainly drinking loose leaf tea at work over recent months, I have been running the risk of becoming a bit of a tea snob, so I very much appreciate the reminder that you can still get a grand old brew out of a teabag! There's a whole range of teas, both in and out of bags, available from Bellevue, who you can say hello to on twitter here


  1. Ooo they both sound so nice - not sure which I'd try first!

  2. I've never tried Rooibos tea but I'm so curious about it! I may have to pick some up =)

    Corinne x

  3. Very Berry tea sounds like something for me :)

  4. I've been really into tea lately maybe I'll try this (:

  5. Ooh I might have to try some of these! Especially the rooibos!
    And I love your teacups, so cute :)

    Lauren | laurenthedaydreamer.blogspot.co.uk


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