11 March 2014

Bloggers Tea Party at the Botanist

I'll admit, I'd heard rumours of an upcoming Bloggers Tea Party at The Botanist in Leeds and thought that it pretty much sounded like an ideal night out, so when the invite to this special shindig found its way into my inbox I did let out a little squeal or excitement (I know that might be relatively common but at my advanced age it's not becoming to squeal . . . but still, tea is tea!)

I'd never actually been to The Botanist before, though I had walked past on several occasions and was always very intrigued by its enticing exterior - I had no idea it hid such a huge, and equally exciting, interior! I met Sammie outside and we were shown to our table tucked away all cosy at the back where we met the other attending bloggers and had chance to peruse the tea menu! 

cute floral tea pot

There were a couple of intriguing options but in the end I settled for the 'Smoky Russian Caravan' - I've had teas before that promised smokiness, but none that delivered it like this! This was a really unusual and tasty brew, a perfect start to the evening and a great way to draw attention to the adorable teaware on display! How pretty is that teapot?!

While we drunk our tea we got chance to really check out our surroundings too. Sitting in the Botanist is very much like sitting in someone's (very clean) garden shed. The attention to detail is perfect, and some of the features, such at the plant pot lamp shades directly above us, were ingenius.

looks like a garden shed

The garden theming carried through to the food too - out of the starters we were presented with (delicious by the way - that houmous, oh my!) I couldn't get over the incredibly cute presentation of the Chicken Liver and Rum Pate in the little plant pot, and the accompanying Plum and Apple Chutney in the little mini wheelbarrow!


For the 'main course' we got to choose out own Deli Board - we could pick four items from the full deli selection, and it was not an easy selection! I was very tempted to 'double cheese' but in the end Jess and I decided to get one each and share which I think was probably wise, I'd definitely have struggled with any more cheese!

Deli board menu

In the end I settled for the Caesar Salad, Roast Ham, Salami Felino and the Sharrock's 2 year-aged Lancashire (half of which I swapped for a chunk of Somerset Brie). My favourite bit had to be the warm fresh bread though - which is meant as no disrespect to the rest of the gorgeous food, I just really really love good bread! 

Leeds Botanist Deli

After we'd all eaten we moved to the bar area to try out a couple of items from the huuuuuuuge cocktail list while listening to some live music. I've been to this kind of thing before where the music has been a bit overpowering, making conversation difficult but we were sat right by this chap (sorry I have no idea who he was!) and not only  could we chat as normal but we were also treated to an acoustic version of Katy Perry's 'Roar', which is always a treat!

While this guy did his thing, we got to sample some of the venue's most popular cocktails including this lovely thing, their signature cocktail - The Botanist. Green Mark vodka, Bacardi rum, elderflower liquor, red amaranth, mint, jasmine syrup and lime juice topped with lemonade for a dangerously drinkable concoction! And so pretty too!

best cocktails in leeds

Also on offer was the English Mojito - the humble mojito is usually my cocktail of choice and this one had an English spin with the inclusion of cucumber along with lime juice, mint, apple juice, gin and elderflower liqueur. It was nice - sharp and refreshing - but I preferred the Botanist out of the two.

cocktails at the botanist

We finished up out cocktail session with a Peach and Basil Margarita -fresh basil, peach puree, gin, apricot liqueur and sugar syrup - this sure did have a kick to it! Only little in comparison to the other cocktails but I wouldn't have wanted to get up for work the next day after a couple of these! 

The Botanist Cocktials in Leeds

Sadly, that about brought us to the end of our evening at The Botanist, but I had a wonderful time. Good company along with good food and good drinks is never a bad combination but when you throw the wonderful atmosphere of the place and how well we were looked after into the mix too the end result was one of my favourite ever blogger events! 

I can't wait to get back to the Botanist to try a few more things out - I'm most intrigued by the sound of the 'hanging kebabs', and there's a whole dessert list so far untouched by me! 

Have you been to The Botanist yet, and what did you thing? Or do you have any other good food/cocktail recommendations for me in and around Leeds?


  1. Those were some amazing cocktails.

  2. Oh that food and those cocktails look delicious!

  3. Wow this place looks brilliant, might have to swing by next time in Leeds x

  4. This sounds really nice! I love quirky places like this! :)


  5. Peach and Basil Margarita coctail sounds great.

  6. Sounds like a lovely evening, all the food looks amazing! I could just go for a cocktail now, too...

    Jess xo

  7. This looks like an amazing event! And how cute is that tea pot (let alone those drinks). I havent't been there yet but it's on my to do list!

    Dash xx
    Mode Lily

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