5 March 2014

Bluebird Tea Co - Tea and Cake in One!

If you saw my last post about the Bluebird Tea Co, you might remember me promising to review all of the teas I had acquired. This was a couple of weeks ago and I'm (unsurprisingly to anyone who knows me!) a bit behind schedule! But that's just given me more time to really get familiar with this next cakey pair, 'Birthday Cake' and 'Vicky's Sponge Cake'.

tea with sugar sprinkles

I'd just like to take a moment first to congratulate whoever came up with the idea of tea that tastes of cake - it's absolutely genius! They are a clever bunch down at Bluebird! This cakey little brew is made up of a combination of Rooibus and Ceylon black teas, almond, calendula, mallow flowers, and cutest of all are those adorable little star shaped icing sprinkles!

bluebird tea company

I can't tell you how or why this tastes like cake, but it really does. Delicious and with a hint of sharp icing sweetness - the only problem with this is that instead of satisfying those cake urges in a low calorie way, it just makes me want more cake to go with it! I also found that the tea leaves and bits in this seemed finer than in the previous teas I've tried from the company, and the use of an additional strainer on top of my in-pot one came in really handy for keeping this as bit-free as usual, but certainly not a problem when the result is this tasty!
raspberry tea

The next of my cakey pairing is Vicky's Sponge Cake - Ceylon black tea with coconut and strawberry bits and big fat juicy raspberries for a 'Victoria Sponge with a fat blob of jam' effect.

unusual tea flavours

This is another lovely brew - light and fresh and fruity and really yummy! It's not as 'cakey' as the Birthday Cake (which was my favourite of the two overall) but still really lovely. The packet suggested this one should be drunk without milk, but my taste-testing brother who isn't one for following rules insisted it was nicer with - he preferred this one out of the two of them.
Both of these and many other scrumptious sounding delights are available from www.bluebirdteaco.com - who have just released brand new spring flavours I might need to get my hands on too!


  1. This sounds amazing, I'm not usually big on tea but I really want to try this!
    It sounds like a great way to get rid of cake cravings hehe


  2. Oh my! I must get my mitts on the cake one! :)

    Danniella x

  3. OK, both of those sound AMAZING. And apparently they will ship overseas... now I have to give them a serious browse!

  4. Cake tea is possibly the best idea ever!? Both of these sound amazing, and the icing stars are super cute! :)

    Jess xo

  5. This sounds so amazing! I love tea a lot! I drink it like some people drink coffee lol

  6. WOW these teas sound great! I love reading your tea reviews :) xo's

  7. Oooh! I'd love to try that birthday cake one!


  8. I can't quite imagine what cake tea would taste like... it sounds so unique! I'll have to give it a try sometime :)


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