9 March 2014

Sunday Soak - Bomb Cosmetics Knickerbocker Glory Whoopie Blaster

Towards the back end of last year I was lucky enough to win a Bomb Cosmetics competition on twitter, and the prize was huge box containing tonnes of their awesome products! There were soaps and candles, body butters and all kids of fabulous things - but most of all there were bath treats, so so many bath treats! 

I've only just got round to taking the box home from work (where it made my office smell amazing!) to start working my way through it and in the name of space saving (!) I thought I should start with the biggest one - The Knickerbocker Glory Whoopie Blaster!

Knickerbocker Glory bath

I've used one of the whoopie blasters before, but not this one and I do think they are very cute! Almost good enough to eat, and the cake sprinkles on top of this one don't discourage that kind of thinking! This one has such as sweet scent too - a vanilla base with berry notes combine to give the Whoopie Blaster what Bomb describe as a 'fizzy ice cream and soda fragrance', yum!

The Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs tend not to be as visually impressive or 'showy' once they hit the water as their Lush counterparts (though this one did leave the bath water a pleasant if subtle pale milky blue), but what they lack in aesthetics they make up for in moisturising ability. This left my skin feeling super soft and smelling sweet! 

The Knickerbocker Glory Whoopie Blaster is £2.99 from Bomb Cosmetics, where they have an insane amount to choose from! 


  1. Oh god. I think I might actually eat this. I'm gonna try a Lush bath bomb tonight, wish me luck!
    Michelle | Satchels + Pearls

  2. Oh my days, this looks delicious, I want to nom it haha
    It sounds so lovely too :O


  3. I love bath bombs but my vagina itches just looking at the pics

  4. LOL at the comment above. Amazing. This looks super cool and it seems like you get quite a big bath bomb for the money!

  5. I have never tried a bath bomb before! This looks more like a cupcake lol (: great post!

  6. Ooh sounds lovely! :)


  7. I want to eat it. It looks like a giant yummy doughnut.

    Hayley - teapartybeauty.com

  8. This looks so delicious :D To bad it is not a food:P


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