18 March 2014

Day Tripper - Bloggers Day Out in Liverpool

Last weekend, using the Chic Networking Fashion Event there as an excuse for our visit, we took a little blogger road trip to Liverpool! Myself, Hayley and Sammie piled in the car Sunday morning to head over to meet Roxanne, who had promised to show us around.

Things to do in liverpool

We made sure we got there plenty of time before the event was due to start so we could have a little wander around. After the Beatles-themed soundtrack to out journey over, it was decided a visit to the infamous Cavern Club. We spent a bit of time taking photos outside like the gawpy tourists we were for the day before heading inside for a drink!

beatles cavern club

Since it's not everywhere you can get yourself a Beatles inspired cocktails, Sammie and I treated ourselves to a 'Ringo's Rum Drum' apiece which we sipped merrily as we checked out all the Beatles memorabilia on display.

beatles cocktails - Ringo's Rum Drum

It was too nice a day though to stay cooped up in a dark basement, no matter how iconic a basement it may be, so we headed out to explore some more of the city. We headed in the general direction of the hotel that was to be the venue for the event, but since we still had a bit of time to kill went for a nice wander along the waterfront.

It was my first time in Liverpool, and I don't know if was just the effects of the unexpectedly sunny weather, but I thought it was surprisingly lovely. Though there were some very glamorous types about - I've never felt so short and pale! 

Soon enough it was time to head into the hotel for the event - it was held at the very swanky Hilton and as well as the fashion show, there were numerous little stalls set up for some of Liverpool's local businesses. We had a good look around before it was time to take our seats for the show, and it's not often I say this but some of the sparkly, feathery customised items on display were as eye-catching as the cupcakes! 

Then it was time to be wowed by the latest collections from some of the areas most exciting designers and boutiques - there were some seriously gorgeous stuff on display from the likes of Mode Mwah, Lola Loves and The Dressing Room - no wonder everyone in Liverpool looks so glam! 

It was a great excuse for a trip out and a fab time was had by everyone! I'm definitely hoping to go back again and get to know the city a bit better! 


  1. Haha look at my silly chubby face - I look like I'm in pain :)



  2. Sorry I didn't get chance to chat properly with you girlies, was lovely to meet you briefly though! xx

  3. I have never been to liver pool :D cool pics especially the cocktail :D

  4. I've been to Liverpool a few times and I love it. If you potter about the city on a Saturday morning all the girls are going round the shops with rollers in their hair ready for their big nights out, they are so uber glamorous!

    It's a good fun city with plenty to do! I especially love the Albert Dock.

    Glad you had a great time x

  5. I love visiting Liverpool and I'm obsessed with The Beatles!



  6. This day looks amazing feels like ages ago since we went, was a gorgeous day.

  7. It was lovely to meet you guys! And if you ever fancy a proper exploration of the city let me know!


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