31 March 2014

#rainbownailsblog - green

It's green week for the #rainbownailsblog project, and quite a fun one for me because for some reason a lot of my favourite polished happen to be green of varying shades, and this one - A England's St George - might just be my absolute number one! Such a gorgeous, deep, rich colour - would you believe that's only one coat?!
a england st george

I'm not sure if it was the shade name or the mystical colour that made me think 'dragon scales' but that's the look I've attempted to recreate (I always feel like I have to make it clear what I was going for, in case it's impossible to tell from the pictures - I never said I was good at this!). I drew on some haphazard scales (yes, I see that they are all different sized across the nails.... I did that  on purpose... for a really good reason.... I'm just not telling you what that reason is.... yeah).

green nail sparkles

Having done that I remembered this very glittery Nail Rock pot of sparkles that I received not long back in a Birchbox and it seemed like a grand time to crack it open! As this pretty much coats the whole nail and I didn't want to hide away the gorgeous green that had inspired me in the first place so opted to make this a feature nail instead.  It comes with a clear polish that you paint on then just dip your nail into the pot and the sequins will stick to the wet coat!
I was a bit worried about them all falling off but 24 hours after first sparkling up, I still seem to have a pretty solid covering of them on my nail (though not as thick as that first one!), with the only 'bald patches' being quite near the tip - and since I seem to chip polish like crazy at the best of times, I don't think that's too bad. I can imagine trying to get this off would present quite the challenge though, especially if you had it on all your nails!
And that's my green! Next week is orange and as usual, I'm short of ideas - if you have any inspiring suggestions send them my way!


  1. Nice work, the painted nails remind me of mermaids too :)


  2. Love the green polish you used!

  3. Oh love it, that is a beautiful green, I'm just going to paint mine now hopefully my idea works out xx

  4. LOVE this! The green is the perfect shade for dragon's scales :)

    Jess xo

  5. These look amazing! Definitely want to give it a go :)

  6. I love them. I was thinking dragon scales before you wrote that!


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