4 March 2014

Nanokeratin System - Hair Treatments

Do you ever come across those products, while blogging, that through no of fault of the products themselves just seem to be surrounded by disaster? These Nanokeratin System hair care bits and pieces have proved to be just that for me - I first lost the products, then when they resurfaced and I photographed them, I lost the pictures. The when I finally found the pictures, is it just me or are they all a bit weird and glowy? Either that or my eyes are going weird, which is probably a bigger problem in the long term!

But at least I can safely say none of those problems were caused by the contents of the sachets, and since I'm a positive type person, I'll concentrate on them now rather than my ability to lose everything!

rediscover your hairs true potential

The clever bunch at Nanokeratim Systems have developed a series of hair care products biomimetic ingredients, which 'mimic' the natural hair process and replace lost keratin, leaving your hair strong, smooth and shiny!

The Nanokeratin System ranges of shampoos, conditioners and masks were developed with different hair types in mind. Though my hair is coloured (and often!), preserving that colour is actually the least of my troubles - so when offered the choice between treatments, I thought that I should concentrate on 'Revitalising' my poor dry tresses. I was also sent the shampoo and conditioner from the same range to compliment the awesome sounding deep conditioning mask.

shampoo sachets

I started, as you do, with the shampoo - in this case the 'Revive Invigorating Shampoo' - a shampoo with bold claims! As well as cleaning your hair it reckons to restore your hair's vitality and shine and protect it from environmental toxins, as well as maintaining the natural keratin layer to prevent protein loss and optimise the effects of the smoothing treatment. I can't comment too much on the intricacies of the technical science stuff, but I can tell you this was very nice to wash my hair with, despite the sachet containing less product than I would usually use to shampoo my hair (I have a lot of hair!) As it's SLS free it didn't really lather up a whole lot but my hair still definitely felt clean after using it.

I followed this up with the Rehydrate conditioner, designed to restore moisture - the thing my hair struggles with most. Like the shampoo, this contains essential oils included to create a barrier for toxins. The conditioner had a lovely scent and was  a great accompaniment to the shampoo, but it was the Revitalise Mask I was most excited about trying!

The mask itself was much thicker than any similar product I've tried before. Instead of a slightly heavier conditioner, this was a really thick paste which seemed a lot weightier, a lot more like a 'mask' that would really make a difference, than just an extra conditioning treatment. Again, though there was less in the sachet than I would normally use in this situation , I still managed to cover all my hair with it. I left it on for about ten minutes, a bit longer than the packet said but I though I might as well eave it while I pottered for a bit. After I rinsed it out, I did something practically unheard of - I didn't apply any further conditioners or products to my hair. I never really use heat on my hair anyway so I let it dry naturally in my usual fashion to see how it ended up, and I was very impressed with the final results! I usually use an array of oils and leave-in conditioners to keep my hair under control, and without them my washed, dried hair is a fluffy nightmare. What the mask did was leave my hair in the same state as if I had dampened it down with all the extras, really the best I could hope for and I was very happy with the finished effect! 

With such fantastic results, there was bound to be a down side, and for me with this mask it was the price that was primarily a concern, the first whiff of a price tag of £57.29 nearly had me racing for hills. Though, looking it a bit closer it actually works out better value than if first seems - that RRP is for a massive 500ml tub and since the sachet I used contained 10ml, that would give 50 uses from that tub at a price of over a little over £1 per use. I did say above I'd probably use a slightly larger amount (though I've proved to myself I don't need to!) but still I don't think the price per use would work out too badly at all, especially for someone who needs as much of a moisture boost as possible like myself! So while the initial outlay would be a bit much for me to just pick up on a whim, I do think it represents great long term value, especially for the fab results achieved!

These products are available from a number of hair dressers, many of which can carry out treatments using the Nanokeratin Systems masks as well! You can find all the info on their other products on their webpage at www.nanokeratinsystem.co.uk, and you can also find them on facebook and twitter if you want to say hello!


  1. This stuff sounds really great, could be very tempted to give it a go, particularly the mask x

  2. This actually sounds really good! It's a big investment but as you say, actually not that expensive in cost per use :)

    Jess xo

  3. Oohhhh this sounds lovely, especially the mask - although a little pricey. My hair is always in need of a good pamper & more moisture.

    Hayley - teapartybeauty.com


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