27 March 2014

Online Pharmacy Fun with Farmaline

When I was offered the chance to try some exciting European Pharmacy products from Farmaline, I obviously jumped at the chance. Instead of picking an item directly from the online store, I discussed with the lovely Philippe what particular hair and skin concerns I had, and let the professionals recommend something! 

Though my skin is far from perfect, its my hair that is the main source of my beauty related troubles. I explained to Philippe about my thick, dry, curly and generally quite unruly hair, and I was pointed in the direction of the Rene Furterer Karite Intense Revitalising Cream.

Best products for thick curly hair

As a dry-haired lady, intense conditioners are right up my street so I was very happy to take the recommendation! This silicone free hair mask contains a boatload of shea butter, as well as quince pectin grains for smoothing and moisturising. The instructions suggest leaving it on for 2-5 minutes before rinsing it off but I've left it on for anywhere up to 20 minutes at  a time depending on what I'm doing at the time (I get easily distracted!). Its a lovely smelling cream, and not bad looking either - I know it doesn't really make an actual difference but the nice yellow colour of this makes a change from the usual white of many of the similar products I've used. The fact that the product itself isn't overly shiny makes me trust it more, though I cant exactly tell you why! 

french hair care for dry hair

This has done absolute wonders for my hair! It just really feels in much better condition for having been using it, and so it looks better too - still a little wild (I think it always will) but much softer and more well behaved! It's £14.15 for the tube but I've already got several uses out of it with plenty left, and for the results it gives me it's a price I'm more than happy to pay! I can definitely see this being part of my hair-care routine for a long time to come!

french beauty products

I also mentioned that my skin veers towards the dry side in my emails with Philippe, who kindly popped in a couple of extra bits to help with that too. The Biocyte Hydrating Mask is definitely amongst the most fun masks I've ever tried! when you take the sheet out of the packet it feels a bit like wet gooey paper... unfold it and peel off one layer of the backing paper and you can stick it to your face (it has holes for all the important parts like eyes!), then peel off the backing paper on the other side and you are left with a weird gel-like mask.

Once I got the hang of it it adhered pretty well to my face so I could just go about my business with it on (though I was in the house alone, didn't want to scare anyone!) I left this stuck to me for around 20 minutes, after which I was a little reluctant to take it off since I'd gotten so cosy with it - you can really feel the moisture soaking into your skin! I wasn't sure if you were supposed to rinse your face after removal but I felt like I needed one so that's what I did, followed by a little pat dry! This mask boasts hyaluronic acid, elastine and collegen amongst its ingredients, so it should come as no surprise that this gave my skin a much needed boost - it left me feeling much softer and more supple! Unlike the hair mask though, unfortunately for me the price is a bit more of an issue here - this is £8.36 per mask and while the results were impressive, they weren't impressive enough for me to fork this out on a regular basis.

french skincare

Also in my little box from Philippe was a sample of this Galenic Intense Moisturing Elixir - a skin product so light it doesn't feel entirely dissimilar to just putting water on your face, but instead of drying my poor skin out like water does, it gives it a super extra hydration kick! 

I also received a Farmaline lip balm in my little box - and though I'm always very happy to have lip balm I'm afraid I've already lost this one to my son! It's a lot less girly-looking than many others I own so he feels a bit cooler using this one... I did get to try it a couple of times before he pinched it though and found it very creamy and moisturising! 

Farmaline, a Belgium based online pharamcy, specialise in making those 'hard to find' brands a lot easier to find! As well as those brands every one has heard of but might not be able to get their mitts on (La Roche Posay, Bioderma), they carry a whole range of brands that are new to me at least, like all the ones included here! Shipping is free over 75 euros too, so I might have to try out a couple of new brands again when the time comes to re-stock my new favourite hair mask! Not only that, but they seem a dab-hand at recommending the right products for your skin and hair woes - give it a go on twitter and see what they think you'd benefit from! 


  1. Glad you enjoyed it! Let me know if you need anything else :)

  2. I love trying new hair and skin products. I'm also a dry person. Ha. My scalp is particularly bad at the moment and it's even been bleeding. Which is gross. I'm a terrible human and I can't stop picking it. I had a week or so a while a go where my skin was just HORRIBLE. You could just see the dry flakiness, it's calmed down a bit now. I should stop babbling now incase you realise how much of a mess I really am.

    I'm glad you found somethings that helped!

    Corinne x

  3. The hair mask sounds amazing, especially for that price - I love that it's silicon-free and that you base your trust of hair products on how shiny they are..!? Ha. I'm glad it's not just me with weird standards for my beauty products!!

    Jess xo

  4. This hair mask sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing :) xo's

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