17 March 2014

#rainbow nails - yellow

It's week two of Rainbow Nails, which means YELLOW! 

This coincided perfectly with the arrival of this gorgeous little bottle from Fairypants who have just developed this exciting new range of vegan nail polishes. These are not only entirely cruelty free, but adhere to a strict 'nothing nasty' rule, meaning main nasty chemicals often found in nail polish wont be found in these! 

yellow spotty nail polish

The picture above is the back of the bottle, so you can see the full effect of the gorgeous buttery gold colour, but the front has this cute little sticker with the shade name and the brands fairy mascot. The application is nice and smooth, helped out by a fairly wide brush which makes it easy to get on in one go. This was pretty much opaque in two coats but I used three just for an extra solid finish. Chips started to appear on day three, which is fairly standard as I put my poor fingernail tips through a lot of typing and I always forget to apply a topcoat!

vegan beauty products

The idea of the little black glitter speckles is apparently to make your nails look like birds eggs, but (you know how my mind works!) it reminded me more of lemon poppyseed cake, so I thought I'd finish off my manicure with a 'drizzle' of white icing/polish - its a bit messy but so are many of my cakes!

These polishes should hopefully be available soon from fairypants.co.uk for £3.99 which is a great price for a product of this quality even without the extra chemical-less and vegan friendly bonuses. I know a lot of cruelty free bloggers struggling for brands they can use so it's great to have another one on the list! They've got some amazing sounding lip balms too - and you can get 15% off with the code '2014'!

Next week is pink and I'm struggling for inspiration so if you have any ideas or can think of any pink things I'd love to hear your suggestions!


  1. This is lovely xx

  2. cute! that's lovely :) I got one of these polishes too, in a mint colour :)

    Catherine x


  3. Love the shade of the nail polish!

  4. Love that nail polish, it is such a wonderful colour.



  5. Nice polish! I'll definitely check that website out :) I like your icing addition aha so random! :)

  6. That polish is lovely. i really like the speckles, makes me think of birds eggs. Like the icing too, nice touch! x


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