10 March 2014

#rainbownails - Red

Following on from the Nail Art Weekly Project I thought it'd be a good idea to keep an element of theming to my nail painting, just to keep things interesting!

For that reason, this is the first week of #rainbownails - Another weekly nail based project, based (as you might imagine) on the colours of the rainbow (according to the childhood song rather than actual science).

So that gives a starting colour of 'red', and this is what I came up with!

easy nail art ideas

I love strawberries, especially now the sun is out, and I thought this could be a cute design that wouldn't be too difficult! I started with a bright red base (Barry M's Blood Orange Gelly) leaving a bit of cuticle space for a stalk. In retrospect I didn't pick the best green for the stalks (drawn on with a dotting tool) as despite the strong colour in the bottle, Maybelline's Green Zing Colour Show polish needed layering up a whole bunch, especially over the red, so I reckon I could have made it easier for myself with a better polish choice there but nevermind!

There's a tragic tale behind my yellow too - Wet n Wild's Ferga-colada might have the worst polish name I've ever heard but I love the colour and unlike my green this had no trouble showing up over the darker red for the little strawberry seeds. Unfortunately this was subject to a 'spilling incident' recently, so this nail look most likely signifies the last ever use for this - I just managed to squeeze enough polish out for my little dots - which might leave me in a bit of a pickle for next weeks 'yellow' theme as yellow polishes are not something I have an abundance of!
I'd love to see all your #rainbownails posts so please do leave your links in the comments below - can't wait to see everyone's Reds!


  1. Wowwww these are some of the BEST strawberry nails I have ever seen!!
    I want to actually applaud you hehe, so cute!!


  2. This is super cute! :)


  3. Those are amazing Kel :) I need to keep practicing to get this good


    Nic xx

  4. Your nails look so fun & sweet! Very cute idea

  5. Those nails are amazing! Like little strawberry sweeties!

  6. These are adorable, they looked amazing on Sunday. You will need to rock these during Wimbledon.

    Hayley - teapartybeauty.com

  7. Your Strawberries are really good! :)

  8. wow...this design is really cute! <3

  9. http://emma23mereta.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/rainbownails-red.html - here's my red nails!

    I have used the hashtag #RainbowNailsRED on Instagram, as there are LOADS of other posts using #RainbowNails on there. :)

  10. Love this! Such a cute design (:

  11. These are so well done, Kel - I love them!!

    Jess xo

  12. These are so cute and playful ♥

  13. I love them! Super cute, when i can afford more nail polish i think I'll be trying these myself x


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