27 March 2014

Tea at Lewis and Cooper, Northallerton

After a mini-panic the other week about haw far behind I had fallen on the tea trail, I figured I needed to get my skates on so I pulled out the map to see what took my fancy! I spotted a little cluster of tea spots in Northallerton and, being unfamiliar with the town, thought I'd just head up and see which I came to first!

deli and cafe northallerton

The first one I came across was Lewis and Cooper, and I was so excited by the prospect of the little tea room upstairs that I even managed to walk past all the delights on display in the downstairs Deli! (The same can not be said for my way out, where I couldn't bring myself to leave without at least picking up a thing or two!)
lewis cooper northallerton tea

I obviously opted for a nice pot of tea - which came with extra hot water for topping up, as well as frequent offers of a fresh pot but I had more than enough to be going on with! I figured since we got there about lunch time I should actually have some proper food instead of just diving straight on in with the cake! I was tempted by the 'Yorkshire Rabbit' - an absolutely dreamy concoction of local cheese and other good stuff melted on a toasted muffin. Simple pleasures are often the best and this was a taste sensation, strong and tangy and just a little bit spicy. There's also the option of having this with bacon which I reckon would be pretty amazing! I also love the fact that I was asked if I wanted any dressing on my salad, instead of them just loading it on regardless. I love a nice fresh salad but I'm really not into dressings and sauces and creams, so it was grand to have the opportunity to eat this unencumbered with unnecessary extras!

fancy cheese on toast

The cake selection was amazing - but for me it had to be the Honey and Lavender cake! Huge as it was delicious, dense and moist and served with a little pot of cream on the side. This took some eating after the 'Rabbit', but I'm not one to be beaten by cake! Fortunately for me, my tea-companion for the day was so I also got a good taste of the White Chocolate Orange cake at Lewis and Cooper too. This again was really tasty, the sponge itself lighter than my one, but with icing so deliciously sweet that I think I might have struggled to finish the whole thing too - one slice of this to share would be pretty spot on though!

pretty cakes in northallerton

If you are ever in Northallerton I can heartily recommend popping into Lewis & Cooper, and if you can't make it to the tea room you can always say hello on twitter or treat yourself to some yummy bits from the store


  1. OMG honey and lavender cake sounds amazing! I was watcing My Kitchen Rules the other week and someone used lavender in their cooking, I wasn't sure on the idea but in a cake I think it'd be gorgeous!

    I've never been to Northallerton, is it worth a visit. It's not too far by train from here x

  2. I thought I wanted cake earlier now I need cake hehe. Ive never tried lavender flavoured cake but it sounds delicious. xx

  3. Oh dear, all of it looks just delightfully delicious! great Post!

  4. That cake looks blooming amazing!!! Sounds like a lovely place :)

    Jess xo

  5. Omg everything looks so amazing! I am hungry now lol (:

  6. That cake looks and sounds delicious - I'm going to have to give something lavender a try soon!

  7. Oh my god, that cake LOOKS AMAZING. Need this in my life. We need another trip to Lavender Fields, Chris has made some gorgeous banoffee scones lately x
    Michelle | Satchels + Pearls

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