14 March 2014

Uncommon Nonsense - Time for Tea

If there's three things I really like, it's tea, pretty dresses, and great bargains - and here's how I got all three in one! 

I'd been following Uncommon Nonsense on twitter for a while after eyeing up their fab frocks, and they were always one of those 'Ill definitely get round to buying something from there soon' type companies - you know the ones? Where I really wanted loads of stuff but couldn't really justify buying anything without a really good reason? Anyway, soon enough they gave me a great reason - a discount code for a whopping 35% off! 

Not only that but when my parcel arrived, beautifully packaged up may I add, I found these lovely extras chucked in too! I realised afterwards that the item page states that the dress comes with 'optional embellishments to make the dress your own' - I must have skipped this in my initial dress-ordering excitement and think it's a cracking idea!

alice in wonderland tags

I nearly didn't mention the lovely Alice in Wonderland label, but I couldn't help it in the end - nothing really does instant charm like a touch of Alice! 

Anyway, on to the dress! There's a few really lovely bits on the site but since I'd limited myself to just one item it couldn't really have been anything other than the Time for Tea dress! I love this so much, I love the vintage collar, I love the pretty velvet bow, but most of all I love the cute teapot print!

Uncommon nonsense dress

There's yet more to love though - one of my very favourite things is the length... it's hard to find cute cute and unique dresses that aren't inappropriately short. I like how this says 'I'm grown up enough to not want to flash my ass but daft enough still to wear a dress with teapots on it', which is pretty much exactly where I am in life! It's also very comfortable too, with no tricky fastenings and an elasticated waste it's easy as pie to just chuck on to go anywhere! 

I've been seeing some very exciting tweets from Uncommon Nonsense this week with phrases like 'upcoming spring/summer collection' and 'new fabric', so I absolutely can't wait to see the new releases! In the meantime there's still plenty available on the website - I'm still trying to figure out which one I want next! 


  1. That's such a pretty dress, very good choice :)

  2. I love this! The collar is beautiful and it looks lovely on you :)

    Jess xo

  3. So cute! I love a unique print and this really suits you. The lace collar is adorable too :)

  4. This is amazing. Love the extras too - oh god I hope they go up to my size, I daren't look!! x

    1. ah they don't. In what world is a 14-16 XL. Boo. :(

      I'm off to have a cry. x

    2. Hi Faith, this will seen strange from a randomer but I work with the brand and we stock from size 8 to 22 on the website! :) I hope this helps! x

  5. Oooh, it's a lovely dress and thank you for introducing me to a brand I'd not heard of!

  6. Love this dress! I hadn't heard of Uncommon Nonsense before, thanks for pointing them out!


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