19 March 2014

Vivid Please! Snail Mail Swap

I've been meaning to post about this AMAZING swap package I recently received but haven't got round to it till now. It's the one I received from the Vivid Please Snail Mail Trade, and is one of the most exciting boxes the postman has ever brought me! 

To show everything off I've split my gifts into categories - first I got some tea based goodies! I love the 'fancy a brew' tea towel,... though it might be a bit too nice for mopping up my usual spills, I'll have to try to thing of a less messy use for this! My little cross-stitch 'i heart tea' plaque has pride of place on my desk at work (I'm using to drop hints to my colleagues about putting the kettle on!), and the PG Tips monkey cards really made me smile!

And where there's tea, there should be cake - the card on the right contains a genuine 1967 recipe card for Marshmallow Gateau, which sounds amazing and I definitely want to make soon! Biscuits are almost as tea-friendly as cake and the print celebrating the humble Malted Milk - the best of all the basic biscuits - has gone down a treat at work where this statement is very much supported!

I love cute stationary too - who doesn't!? The 'Adventures...' notebook is one of the cutest things I've ever seen, and the stickers - isn't he a handsome kitty? - are fantastic. The little lady has already stolen the folding Party Animals cards! 

I can't believe I'm still going as this gift must have surpassed the £10 budget a long time ago already, but there's still more amazingness!

I was just looking at the Cath Kidston hand creams the other day and convinced myself not to get them as Id just picked up another handcream from elsewhere that day, so I was very happy to see these in my box - having three means I can leave one at home, one at work and stick one in my bag for when I'm inbetween the two!

Finally, I was highly excited to open this last little box - a set of Bomb Cosmetics chocolate bath products! I love Bomb, I love baths and I love chocolate so this little lot should keep me going for a good long while!

cath kidston hand creams

Oh goodness, no that wasn't 'finally', - I also got a big bag of Cadbury's Mini Eggs, but unfortunately they didn't quite make it to the photographing stage, they were far too delicious! 

The only bad thing about my package is I still don't know who sent it so I can't give the HUGE thank you they deserve,... so if you somehow happen to read this - THANK YOU! I absolutely love everything! Big thanks also go to Vicky at Vivid Please! for organising the trade in the first place, make sure you keep an eye on her blog for details of another one! 


  1. I hope you manage to find out who sent you the package, you received some great goodies! (including the mini eggs nom nom!) The 'adventures' notebook is really cute, and I'm rather jealous of the cath kidson and bath bomb treats :) Hope you enjoy them!

    Frankie x
    Curiouser and Curiouser

  2. Wow! It's obvious someone put a lot of thought into your lovely giftbox!


  3. What a great snail mail! Looks like they put a lot of thought into it!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  4. I'm so pleased you like it - it was such fun to put together! Your post really made me smile :)


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