30 April 2014

Three Lush Showergels - Grass, Ponche, Rose Jam

I'll admit, a couple of the Lush shower gels I've been loving so far this year were seasonal limited edition items so this less that timely review will probably be of no use to anyone..... but at the rate this year has been flying by it'll be Christmas again in no time and hopefully these bad boys will be available again!

Grass, Ponche and Rose Jam from Lush

Grass (from £4.95) is the only one of the three (all acquired in various Christmas gift sets) that's available year round and it's perfect for sunshiny days! It's not been a conscious choice, but this seems to be the one I reach for when I've been working in the garden, trying to get it looking less overgrown and abandoned. It's like a 'clean' version of what I must already smell like! I've always loved the scent of grass, but as a hayfever-sufferer it's a bit of a double edged sword. Through this shower gel I can enjoy the spring-fresh fragrance without it making my eyes go crazy. It's just such a shame I can't get out of the gardening!
Where Grass is pretty much Summer bottled, Ponche is a perfect warming winter wash! Inspired by traditional Mexican punch, it contains orange, plum and cinnamon for a spiced fruity base, with a dash of tequila to get you in the party spirit! If definitely has a festive feel - just a shame this one isn't likely to last me 'til next Christmas!
But my undisputed favourite of the three is Rose Jam. Oh my, I don't know where to start with this one! Unlike Grass and Ponche that both seem to have seasonal leanings, this one is glorious year round (so it would be super to release this as a permanent product, if anyone with that power somehow reads this!) I have a natural inclination to anything rose-scented anyway, though this one doesn't have that old-lady flowery rosiness, but that same fresh sweet Turkish Delight scent as the bubbleroon with the same name and Ro's Argan body conditioner. It's just gorgeous.
All three are great quality - strongly scented with a fragrance that does stick around for a while, really foamy and easy to wash with. But for shower gels, they don't come cheap - I could get a few big bottles of Original Source for the price of one of these little fellas for example, and that stuff is just fine. So would I pay full price for these? Maybe... for Rose Jam, just because it's such an absolute delight! Though, if you are quick enough to pick these up in the post-Christmas sale (either on their own or in gift sets), then you can't go too far wrong, they really are all lovely!
Have you got your eye on any of these for Christmas, or are you a Snow Fairy fan through and through?

29 April 2014

Bellevue Tea's Distinctive Black Ceylon

On my previous post about my experience with the brand, I declared myself a big fan of bellevue tea and my more recent testing hasn't taking anything away from my admiration!  
The same neat packaging and cool design as my previous boxes is on display here, making an instantly clear that this is one classy tea brand! The clean design and great colours used by the brand are right up my street and would definitely catch my attention on a supermarket shelf of over fussy and old fashioned looking packaging. If aesthetics is your thing, the individually wrapped bags also look great and add an air of quality, and the staple-free tagged bags themselves are also quite handsome!
bellevue tea ceylon review

Of course, as we all know - looking good is one very small part of the whole tea experience - it can look like it belongs in a gallery but if the taste isn't up to scratch there's really no point! Thankfully, like the other teas I've tried from bellevue, the Ceylon black tea (£2.50 for a box of £25) is delicious.

bellevue ceylon black tea
The Sri-Lanka grown and picked tea gets its bright and distinctive flavour from the 'sunny days, cool nights and abundant rainfall' of it's highland home, and it makes a great brew any time of day - but for me this is one of the 'good day' kinds of tea, do you know what I mean? There are certain teas that are great for getting you through a bad day or a tough project... and there are teas for when everything is going ok and you can just lean back and go 'ahhhh' and smile and be content. And this is the second type.
Or maybe I'm just going a bit crazy... either way, the sun is shining, my important work is done for the day, and I'm going to go make myself another cup of this!

* PR sample sent for review purposes

28 April 2014

#rainbownailsblog - Black and White

Ok so I get that black and white don't really belong on the list of rainbow colours but someone suggested a black and white week at the start of the project, and lets face it being able to add black or white to the other colours does give us masses of fun shades to play with so who am I to deny them a place? 

stick on nail effects

Though I'm generally a polish girl, I remembered these Sally Hanson Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips that have been sat in a box upstairs for quite some time and thought B&W week would be the perfect time to finally break them out. 

Now, I'll put my hands up and admit I'd never used this kind of thing before at all - but boy are they hard work?! According to the instuctions I should have been able to just peel and stick, but these would just not stick to anything least of all my finger nails! I finally gave up trying to just get them to do it on their own and attached them with clear nail polish which more or less worked. . . . but then I ended up ripping half the ends when trying to 'shape' them as directed with the nail file included in the pack! 

sally hansen not very good

All in all, while the design is fun (and fits into my colour scheme for thew week) and is certainly not something I could accomplish on my own with polish, these were not at all worth the effort for me! Too much faffing and fretting for something that only half-worked anyway - I can't even bring myself to do the other hand! 

There's a very good chance that these are a bit duff just because they are quite old - there's an equal (or greater) chance that I was doing something wrong - but they're just not for me, I'll be going straight back to regular old polish for next weeks final installment where we unleash ALL THE COLOUR!

27 April 2014

Sunday Soak - Mandara Spa Tropical Blooms Bath Milk

Another week, another bath! 

Because I spend so much of my bath time using up the various one-off fancy bombs and things, I tend to ignore the bigger bottles of  bath bubbles, milks and soaks.

I say 'bigger' bottles, this one isn't huge if you compare it to say a supermarket bottle of Radox or something but I'll definitely get a good few generous uses out of it! I'm pretty sure I got this one as part of the Best British Blogger Beauty Box at the back end of last year so it's been sitting unused since then - I really should keep better track of my products! 

Obviously in comparison to say a Lush Bath Bomb, this packs less of an aesthetic punch - but that's not really what this is for! I think this one for me is mainly about the scent - jasmine and ylang ylang to 'transport you to a calming tropical garden' (not literally of course, though that would be awesome!) and it really did make for a relaxing - and beautifully smelling - bath! 

This did bubble up on first contact with the water and though the bubbles were gone by the end of my long  bath I couldn't tell you how long they were about for (I had a book to finish so was a bit distracted!). I'm not personally too fussed about bubbles anyway so this didn't bother me and the scent still lingered which I think was more important! 

If I'm reading right the same product is available in different packaging now (told you I'd had it a while!) from Time To Spa for £9 for a 500ml bottle. The bottle I have is 100ml so I think £9 for five times that is pretty gosh-darn good and I'd definitely be up for trying more from the brand 

26 April 2014

Guest Post - L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara Review

Oh its an exciting day for you lot - none of my ramblings today! (Well apart from this bit....!) I have a very lovely and exciting guest post from one of my very favourite bloggers, nay, people - the lovely miss Hayley of Tea Party Beauty. Without further ado, here's her thoughts on the L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara:
tea party beauty mascara review
Hello Ladies and Gents, my name is Hayley and I blog over at Tea Party Beauty, a Beauty and Lifestyle blog - mainly Beauty but sometimes I like to throw the odd curve ball in. The lovely Kel has kindly let me run riot over here for the day whilst she is off gallivanting somewhere (no doubt having a lovely afternoon tea to make us all jealous with). 

I love Mascara, so when I heard about the release of this little one a few weeks back I couldn't wait to snap it up, but then I saw the adverts; the spidery looking lashes on the model kind of put me off. To cut a long story short I caved & bought it, I wanted to judge it for myself, and I like the name. Yes, I am that shallow when it comes to products, if it had been called something like Lash Burst I wouldn’t have been fussed for it. Those clever marketers them *shakes fist*. They gave me visions of being a cute little manga character with big doe eyes. 
Miss Manga review
Now I hate nothing more than spidery looking mascara; well I do obviously hate things more, slow walkers for one, but in mascara terms spidery lashes are top of my list. And after purchasing this & seeing peoples blog pictures I got a little scared - it looked like there had been an invasion of spiders. But I used it anyway and there lies my downfall... Eurgh is this isn't the worst mascara since The Falsies then I'll be damned, first up the packaging is pretty plain and boring; I wanted pops of colour and nice-ness. The formula is rather gloopy too and mix that with the strange brush you have a recipe for spidery lashes. I will say that it gave plenty of length though which was great for me as my lashes are rather short and stumpy (a bit like me), but who wants 6 long lashes and nothing else? 

As you can probably tell I was not a fan of this mascara which is a shame as I usually love the offerings from L'Oreal *sad face* They could have had an amazing product here but it seems they missed a trick. 

Have you tried this before? I would love to know what you thought of it as I have seen plenty of mixed reviews. 

P.S Thanks for reading
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25 April 2014

Pack for the Perfect Holiday with Monsoon

It just so happens that I'm going on holiday today! (I know you're not really supposed to put that kind of info on the internet so please don't rob me, ok!?) It's only a couple of days getaway but I'm very excited - so this new video from Monsoon is perfect timing, right? Well no... sadly 'sunshine essentials' will not be needed where I'm going (more on that when I get back!)....but I always dream of sunshine and hopefully sunny days and beachy holidays will be in my not-too-distant future!

So which bits of Monsoons gorgeous summer range would I hoping to take on my hypothetical summer holiday? 

One of the first pieces that really grabbed my attention on the video was this beautiful Layla Printed Playsuit (£29) - I love playsuits despite having never owned or wore one myslef (I'm totally not the right shape to pull one off!) but there's something to summery about them and this one, with it's bright bold print and adorable button-down neckline is no exception! 

Swimwear is a most of course, and for similar reasons as above I'm not really a bikini girl but the Kira Tankini Top (£22) and Shorts (£15) combo should provide the right level of coverage while still putting me in full 'lets hit the pool' mode! 

But those of you who know me know that I'm a dress girl at heart and for me the Foxglove Dress (£89) is pretty much the perfect summer dress! Light bright and cheerful - just like I hope my holidays are! 

I think I better get another holiday booked! 

24 April 2014

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lips

In many ways, I'm pretty good at resisting peer pressure - I've never smoked, I'm happy to be the only person to not go on a roller coaster - but every now and then I do find myself getting caught up in the moment and doing something I said I wouldn't. Hence the new additions to my make up collection:
longest lasting lip colour

I didn't need the Bourjois Rougue Edition Velvet Lipsticks, and I had no intention of buying them - but when I found myself in a Superdrug in Kendal with a gaggle of giddy bloggers I somehow came away with two of them before I even realised what was happening - and I couldn't be more pleased!

Red lips from bourjois

There's lots of good things about these clever products - great colours, easy application, gorgeous matte finish, but the best thing about them by far is their crazy staying power! This is shade #1 - Personne Ne Rouge - freshly applied...

And this is what it looks like after 6 hours, four cups of tea, a big Sunday dinner and a bowl of ice cream - not bad right?! Sure it's a little less fresh - but the fact its still visible at all impressed me no end.

The beautiful classic red Personne Ne Rouge was the one I initially had my eye on but in Superdrug these were buy one, get one half price so it just made sense to get another while I was there (RRP is £8.99) - and settled on gorgeous raspberry red/pink shade Frambourjoise.

pink liquid lips

Sorry the pictures aren't the greatest by the way, I don't know what was going on with my camera but hopefully you get the basic idea!

There's another four shades on top of these and I think between our group we had them all covered! Each are gorgeous in their own way and I certainly wouldn't mind picking up a couple more! They're still on buy one get one half price at Superdrug, and on 3 for 2 at Boots so it's the perfect time to get them!

23 April 2014

Outfit - Bank Holiday Cinema Trip

I promise I was waving at a real person, not at the camera, despite what it looks like! My attempts to take outfit pictures anywhere other than the garden resulted in some attention-seeking youngsters demanding I focus more on them than having my photo taken!
So I figured home was the best plan where I could distract them with Minecraft and Adventure Time respectively, and I could get my pose on. The pretty frock that I am showing off today is a new acquisition from Wear All, the Audrey Collar Pleated Skater Dress (£16.95)*
Available in four colours, my favourite was the Navy  - until it arrived at work and my dad laughed at my 'school uniform dress'! But still, if I was put off clothes by my dads comments I wouldn't wear anything but black jeans and black jumpers... and to be fair I'm far too old to be confused for a schoolgirl!

Though I suppose I didn't help matters by teaming it with my most schoolgirly shoes - not that I ever wore heels to school! This pair are from Rocketdog - I've had them a while and they don't seem to be on the site anymore so I can't tell you the name/style but I they're the tallest shoes that I feel comfortable walking in and for that reason alone (the cuteness of them just being a bonus) I bought them in red too!

The tights I'm pretty sure are from Primark but while searching through my tights drawer to find a pair to go with the dress I came to the sad realisation my collection isn't what it once was - so many pairs have suffered holes, runs and general ruining so that's one area of my wardrobe I do need to pay some attention to!

And that I think brings us back around to the dress! I think this was one of those rare occasions when the dress that arrived actually looked nicer that that the photo on the website - on the picture the collar didn't look quite even and the skirt didn't look 100% straight (wondering why I still liked the look of it? I never stand straight anyway and can never resist a contrasting collar and a good price!) but I think it must have been the way it was photographed because the real-life dress looks pretty perfect! It's really cosy too, the synthetic material allowing plenty of stretch but without feeling flimsy - it's actually quite thick and warm!
Wear All carry loads of different stuff, from dresses and skirts to jumpers and jackets - and a plus size range! - all at budget friendly prices, and after testing out the quality of this dress for the price I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them in the future! You can also find them on twitter to say hello to here.
Now if only they did tights....

22 April 2014

Ringtons Tea and the Blogger Holiday

It will probably come as no surprise that when we planned the Blogger Holiday, one of my main concerns was making sure we had a good source of tea. 

Thankfully the lovely folk at Ringtons kindly sent us not only a fab stash of teabags, but some amazing biscuits to go with - after all, holiday tea isn't really holiday tea without biscuits! 

bloggers holiday with tea

When I went to go make the first pot of the weekend, I noticed that the Ringtons packet said the contents were 'two cup tea bags', so I thought I'd test this claim by just using three bags in our six-cup pot. I can only say that I was hugely impressed by the result which was tasty and delicious - it certainly didn't feel like I'd been tight with the tea! 

perfect with a cuppa

It probably goes without saying that the biscuits went down very well, but I'll say it anyway! We received a great little selection of Ginger Snaps, Triple Chocolate Cookies and Rhubarb Crumble Cookies, that were all delicious - and I don't even like rhubarb! Sadly the chocolatey ones vanished all too quickly, but we managed to keep some of the ginger snaps about all the way to Sunday evening where they made a tasty addition to our home made sundaes! 

The idea was to have a big afternoon tea party one afternoon but though we meant well I don't think we were ever that organised! Despite all the baking stuff we took wit us I only managed to cobble together one semi-respectable cake (covered in strawberries and cream to disguise the burnt bits shhhhhh!) but can try again next time! 

There's a huge range of teas, coffees, biscuits and other yummy things available from Ringtons and they deliver right to your door! I think I'm going to want one goody boxes every time I go away! 

21 April 2014

#rainbownailsblog - Blue

Red and Yellow and Pink and Green, Orange and Purple and BLUE!

Looks like this brings us to about the end of the #rainbownailsblog project but fret not, there's a couple of 'bonus' weeks coming that you'll find about here shortly - but for now I'd best concentrate on the colour at hand! 

I spent Easter Sunday up at my folks where I knew we'd be well fed - so I took up half  a dozen blue polishes up with me to have a play with while we watched a post-roast Sunday afternoon film (Thor 2 on this occasion) and the ones I ended up using were Crabtree and Evelyn's Sky, Skinny Jeans from elf, and Look Beauty's Catsuit

blue nails

I didn't really have a plan as such and bearing that in mind I started with a couple of coats of Sky as I figured that I wanted to be going over my lightest colours with my darker ones rather than the other way around! 

I ended up pretty much just colouring in my corners with the other polishes. If I'd thought about it a bit more I'd have made something like a plan in terms of angles and thicknesses etc - but I was too distracted by Chris Hemworth's charming smile so figured these would so! 

blue triangle nails

It's not the most complex (or neat!) design, but I do really like all three of these colours so it was nice to get them all on there together and I'd definitely have another 'proper' go at something similar another time! 

What do you think? Do you have a favourite blue polish? 

20 April 2014

Sunday Soak - Chocolate goodies from Bomb Cosmetics

Happy Easter everyone! 

Since my egg stash is considerably smaller than that of the kids today, I thought I'd use the opportunity to bust out my chocolatey bath bombs that I got in my swap package from Claire

Bomb cosmetics chocolate

This little bath thing came in a set of six, somewhat similar to this one. I have no idea what specific product is is, as I seem to have lost the little leaflet that came with it, so I just picked the prettiest looking one out of the box! It did smell really chocolately though! 

These are only small but with over 20% shea butter in each one they don't need to be big to make a big difference to your bath! This was a slow melter, which meant that while it was fizzing away in the bath releasing all the moisturising goodness, you could use it as a mega creamy exfoliating massage bar for extra softness! 

I'm pretty sure the heart topper is real chocolate for an extra decadent touch to an already sweet bathing experience! Though not enough of it to make a mess either which always helps, I hate it when you need to give that bath a good scrubbing after a relaxing soak! 

Nice as it was though, it's not quite the same as actually eating chocolate so I think I'm gonna go see what I can steal from the little ones now! 

19 April 2014

Bloggers Holiday - Cocktail Edition!

So you may have already read a little about our recent blogger holiday (and if you haven't, you can do so here!), but we figured it wouldn't be a holiday without a drink or two. As you can see,.. we were well covered in that area....

cottage holiday cocktail mixing station

The lovely folk at drinkstuff kindly colluded with our drunkeness by providing us with a bunch of cocktail making goodies. As well as a fab cocktail making kit, which came with little cocktail umberellas and mini drinks sparklers along with a  book telling us how make a huge variety of cocktails (which we admittedly largely ignored!), they also sent a fab range of glasses  in which to enjoy our boozy creations.

I immediately fell for the Mason Drinking Jars and claimed one as my own! It seemed like this the thing for our first drink mix of the weekend - Hayley had found a recipe for Beergaritas online and we decided they'd be the perfect accompaniment to our pre-arranged Mexican Night.

girls weekend booze and food

I'm not saying we exactly followed a recipe perfectly or anything, but we popped a bunch of vaguely Mexican themed drinks in a glass (Mexican beer, tequila, lime - with a bit of lemonade for good measure) and it worked out alright! I say 'alright', they were actually pretty awesome and it was a sad time when we ran out of tequila and that was the end of Beergaritas for the weekend! 

Of course that still left us with plenty of things to make and many cocktail experiments went underway over the course of the weekend.

fresh tasty cocktails

I like how chucking fruit in them lets you convince yourself that they are good for you!

By the time Saturday night rolled around though we figured we should leave the real cocktail-creation to the experts and 'borrowed' this chap for the local pub. He definitely approached the cocktail kit with more confidence and less of a 'lets see what this does' attitude of curiousity. 

I have no idea what he made, as I somehow missed a lot of the creative process, but I can tell you it tasted a lot more like a 'real' drink than anything I'd thrown together,... and that we were definitely down a lot of rum the next day! 

It served as great evidence of the good that could be done with the cocktial kit in the hands of a professional! 

By the time Sunday evening rolled by and things had quietened down a bunch, we decided to put the glasses to use in a way I am much more comfortable with!

Apologies for the blurry picture, I think I must have just been too excited to dig into my margarita glass sundae! I was all cocktailed-out by then but thought these sweet treats would be great for our girly film night. We picked up a tub of Vanilla Ice cream from the local shop to create our desserts - mine had crumbled ginger biscuits, maple syrup, broken flapjack, squirt cream and marshmallows and I must say, it was completely delicious! 
Big thanks to drinkstuff for helping enhance our holiday experience - they do a whole range of cool kitchenware as well as loads of drinking related stuff, perfect for special occasions or just stocking the cupboards so make sure you check them out! 

18 April 2014

Gettin' Wiggy With It

For those of you who familiar with my usual mess of hair, I'm sure you can imagine how much I've always dreamed about having straight sleek soft hair, the kind you can run a brush through without it being a major ordeal. I've accepted by now that that's just not to be, and I've learnt to embrace my daft curls. But that doesn't mean I don't still wonder about those smooth tresses. Enter Wonderland Wigs

Jade wig

I actually bout this an age ago, I think it was before Christmas, when I saw a lot of wigs popping up on the blogs I read. Some of them looked completely amazing and I loved the idea of being able to transform my look without any huge effort or without causing massive damage to my already temperamental hair. And I figured if I was going to get myself a wig, I might as well get one pretty different to how my hair usually looks. Jade was the one for me!

wonderland wigs review

I'm just love the pretty colour, made up of blues and greens but not toooo bright and crazy, and I of course loved the fact that I could actually brush it! I did worry about getting it on straight over my usually massive hair, but I found if I kept its volume to a minimal by a combination of plaiting and clipping then this went over the top just fine!

I did feel a bit weird with it on so didn't venture out of the garden on this first occasion but I might get a little braver with time! 

For those interested in the rest of the outfit, the blue dress is from Yumi. I already had the same one in red and I'm sure I've raved before about it's cosy fit, thick material and deep pockets. The blue one - picked up recently in the sale for £20 - has all those same fab features but looks better with my pretend hair!

The shoes are a few years old, from Debenhams. I think I bought them for a wedding, I thought the little flower details were really sweet! 

If you were in the mood for a quick hair change, Wonderland Wigs have plenty to choose from - natural looking to wild and crazy, with extensions and other bits to complement the wig range. You can also go say hello to them on twitter

What do you think of my straight green 'do? Should I stick to the curls?

17 April 2014

Bloggers Holiday - Arnside, Cumbria

I've come back from the weekends very exciting Bloggers Holiday with loads to write about! But since I currently have far too many pictures to make sense of, I'll start with a little overview of where we were staying and what we got up to at out little holiday home for the weekend! 

We were staying in the gorgeous village of Arnside, Cumbria and myself, Simone, Hayley, Sammie, Jess, Sharon and Katie were staying in a lovely cottage that had more or less this impressive view! 

Sea view from sykes cottage

I say 'cottage', I suppose it was more of a really fancy flat above a shop - but 'cottage' has a nicer ring to it and it's what we always referred to the place as while we were away and it shall be no different here! The place is called Mountain View (guess why!) and we got a great deal through Sykes Cottages (see, it is a cottage!). 

Sykes Cottage Arnside Bedrooms

Unfortunately, since me and Simone were the last to arrive and everyone had got themselves all unpacked and cosy, I did't get a lot of pictures of the place in it's unsullied glory (though you can find more of these in Sammie's post!) but I hadn't made a mess of my bed yet so here it is! I have to say, especially considering mine was essentially a pull-out bed, it was so unbelievably comfortable! I don't know how the owners got the pillows and everything so soft and fluffy but I wouldn't have minded taking them home with me! (Which I of course didn't!)

The whole place was gorgeous, with plenty of room for all of us! Not to mention well stocked, with not only enough glasses, bowls and plates for everyone but less-expected though equally welcome items like a well sized teapot and loads of baking equipment! After finding my bed, the next room I got very well acquainted with was the dining room, to dive into the luscious mexican feast Sammie had rustled up for us. This was amazing, and if Sammie ever offers to cook for you, you should jump at the chance! 

We also got to meet our mascot for the evenings Fiesta, Derek the Donkey. Alas, Derek didn't make it though the weekend (before being kicked to death so we could eat his yummy insides) but we enjoyed his time with us very much. 

We then settled down to watch Frozen, which I loved anyway and I think everyone else did by the end of the evening, and it was time for bed. 

Saturday featured a wander into Kendal (looking for mint cake, didn't find any!) which I might get a bit more into on a separate post if anyone is interested? (If not, the short version is 'we all bought lipstick and hot chocolate) Then made sure we were back 'home' in time for the football - NOT what I expected to be doing on my girly weekend away! 

Saturday night meant 'pub crawl'... which meant we crawled to one of the village's two pubs, then to the other, then back to the first again. We met some of the locals, who varied from creepily over-friendly to, err,.. we'll go with 'frosty'.

cumbrian sunset

Unfortunately many of our number were heading home early on the Sunday, but the hardcore few who remained figured we should make the most of our gorgeous surroundings and go for a nice long walk. 

We got a little further than the ice cream shop before deciding it was too cold and running back to hide in the warmth and comfort of the cottage! A cosy afternoon of tea, biscuits and girly films followed - can you believe Jess had never seen Pretty Woman?

We did bravely head out again later that day, got some fresh air, saw some cute lambs, before once again turning back prematurely! 

Of course, as is typical, on the day we were due home the sun came out for the first time! Ah well, we still had plenty of sunshiny adventures on the way home and at least we got to say goodbye to Arnside in all its sunny glory! 

sykes cottages weekend break

I had such an amazing time on this trip! It's my first proper 'girls' trip away, which is quite an intimidating prospect but I just had such a lovely time - I can't wait to go again! Sykes Cottages have holiday homes to rent all over the UK and I can't decide if I want to go somewhere new or if I'd prefer to run back to this cosy home-away-from-home! Either way, I'm sure it'll be great! 

What is your favourite part of the country to visit? Recommendations are always welcome!