29 April 2014

Bellevue Tea's Distinctive Black Ceylon

On my previous post about my experience with the brand, I declared myself a big fan of bellevue tea and my more recent testing hasn't taking anything away from my admiration!  
The same neat packaging and cool design as my previous boxes is on display here, making an instantly clear that this is one classy tea brand! The clean design and great colours used by the brand are right up my street and would definitely catch my attention on a supermarket shelf of over fussy and old fashioned looking packaging. If aesthetics is your thing, the individually wrapped bags also look great and add an air of quality, and the staple-free tagged bags themselves are also quite handsome!
bellevue tea ceylon review

Of course, as we all know - looking good is one very small part of the whole tea experience - it can look like it belongs in a gallery but if the taste isn't up to scratch there's really no point! Thankfully, like the other teas I've tried from bellevue, the Ceylon black tea (£2.50 for a box of £25) is delicious.

bellevue ceylon black tea
The Sri-Lanka grown and picked tea gets its bright and distinctive flavour from the 'sunny days, cool nights and abundant rainfall' of it's highland home, and it makes a great brew any time of day - but for me this is one of the 'good day' kinds of tea, do you know what I mean? There are certain teas that are great for getting you through a bad day or a tough project... and there are teas for when everything is going ok and you can just lean back and go 'ahhhh' and smile and be content. And this is the second type.
Or maybe I'm just going a bit crazy... either way, the sun is shining, my important work is done for the day, and I'm going to go make myself another cup of this!

* PR sample sent for review purposes


  1. I do enjoy our tea reviews, although I've only been as fancy to drink an Earl Grey lately i'm afraid.

    1. well you can't go too far wrong with a good earl grey!

  2. I love tea and am always on the look out for new ones to try! This sounds delicious. Btw, I love your cup!


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