17 April 2014

Bloggers Holiday - Arnside, Cumbria

I've come back from the weekends very exciting Bloggers Holiday with loads to write about! But since I currently have far too many pictures to make sense of, I'll start with a little overview of where we were staying and what we got up to at out little holiday home for the weekend! 

We were staying in the gorgeous village of Arnside, Cumbria and myself, Simone, Hayley, Sammie, Jess, Sharon and Katie were staying in a lovely cottage that had more or less this impressive view! 

Sea view from sykes cottage

I say 'cottage', I suppose it was more of a really fancy flat above a shop - but 'cottage' has a nicer ring to it and it's what we always referred to the place as while we were away and it shall be no different here! The place is called Mountain View (guess why!) and we got a great deal through Sykes Cottages (see, it is a cottage!). 

Sykes Cottage Arnside Bedrooms

Unfortunately, since me and Simone were the last to arrive and everyone had got themselves all unpacked and cosy, I did't get a lot of pictures of the place in it's unsullied glory (though you can find more of these in Sammie's post!) but I hadn't made a mess of my bed yet so here it is! I have to say, especially considering mine was essentially a pull-out bed, it was so unbelievably comfortable! I don't know how the owners got the pillows and everything so soft and fluffy but I wouldn't have minded taking them home with me! (Which I of course didn't!)

The whole place was gorgeous, with plenty of room for all of us! Not to mention well stocked, with not only enough glasses, bowls and plates for everyone but less-expected though equally welcome items like a well sized teapot and loads of baking equipment! After finding my bed, the next room I got very well acquainted with was the dining room, to dive into the luscious mexican feast Sammie had rustled up for us. This was amazing, and if Sammie ever offers to cook for you, you should jump at the chance! 

We also got to meet our mascot for the evenings Fiesta, Derek the Donkey. Alas, Derek didn't make it though the weekend (before being kicked to death so we could eat his yummy insides) but we enjoyed his time with us very much. 

We then settled down to watch Frozen, which I loved anyway and I think everyone else did by the end of the evening, and it was time for bed. 

Saturday featured a wander into Kendal (looking for mint cake, didn't find any!) which I might get a bit more into on a separate post if anyone is interested? (If not, the short version is 'we all bought lipstick and hot chocolate) Then made sure we were back 'home' in time for the football - NOT what I expected to be doing on my girly weekend away! 

Saturday night meant 'pub crawl'... which meant we crawled to one of the village's two pubs, then to the other, then back to the first again. We met some of the locals, who varied from creepily over-friendly to, err,.. we'll go with 'frosty'.

cumbrian sunset

Unfortunately many of our number were heading home early on the Sunday, but the hardcore few who remained figured we should make the most of our gorgeous surroundings and go for a nice long walk. 

We got a little further than the ice cream shop before deciding it was too cold and running back to hide in the warmth and comfort of the cottage! A cosy afternoon of tea, biscuits and girly films followed - can you believe Jess had never seen Pretty Woman?

We did bravely head out again later that day, got some fresh air, saw some cute lambs, before once again turning back prematurely! 

Of course, as is typical, on the day we were due home the sun came out for the first time! Ah well, we still had plenty of sunshiny adventures on the way home and at least we got to say goodbye to Arnside in all its sunny glory! 

sykes cottages weekend break

I had such an amazing time on this trip! It's my first proper 'girls' trip away, which is quite an intimidating prospect but I just had such a lovely time - I can't wait to go again! Sykes Cottages have holiday homes to rent all over the UK and I can't decide if I want to go somewhere new or if I'd prefer to run back to this cosy home-away-from-home! Either way, I'm sure it'll be great! 

What is your favourite part of the country to visit? Recommendations are always welcome! 


  1. This looks like it was a great weekend away! So cosy and fun :D xx

  2. Wow this looks so so fun! I'd definitely be interested in reading more about the Kendal part if your visit!

    Chloe x

  3. Also meant to say. I local local pubs where everyone stares at strangers walking in, they kind of fascinate me! It's like stepping back in time x

  4. awh you look like you had a lovely time! I love the idea of a blogging holiday :) my favourite place is new forest! without a doubt

    Catherine x

  5. Haha I come from somewhere where everyone knows who the locals are, probably why I had to get out of that place! Looks like you had a lovely place to say, I know I've stayed in a couple of Skyes Cottages for family holidays in the past and they've never failed us!

  6. Looks like you gals had an amazing time - I'm very jealous!! If you ever organise anything of the sort again I would love to come along ^_^ Pub locals are hilarious!

  7. Looks like you had fun time :) Nice post dear :)

  8. Looks like you had amazing weekend :) xo's

  9. This is so cute organising a blogging holiday! It looks like you all had an amazing time xo


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