19 April 2014

Bloggers Holiday - Cocktail Edition!

So you may have already read a little about our recent blogger holiday (and if you haven't, you can do so here!), but we figured it wouldn't be a holiday without a drink or two. As you can see,.. we were well covered in that area....

cottage holiday cocktail mixing station

The lovely folk at drinkstuff kindly colluded with our drunkeness by providing us with a bunch of cocktail making goodies. As well as a fab cocktail making kit, which came with little cocktail umberellas and mini drinks sparklers along with a  book telling us how make a huge variety of cocktails (which we admittedly largely ignored!), they also sent a fab range of glasses  in which to enjoy our boozy creations.

I immediately fell for the Mason Drinking Jars and claimed one as my own! It seemed like this the thing for our first drink mix of the weekend - Hayley had found a recipe for Beergaritas online and we decided they'd be the perfect accompaniment to our pre-arranged Mexican Night.

girls weekend booze and food

I'm not saying we exactly followed a recipe perfectly or anything, but we popped a bunch of vaguely Mexican themed drinks in a glass (Mexican beer, tequila, lime - with a bit of lemonade for good measure) and it worked out alright! I say 'alright', they were actually pretty awesome and it was a sad time when we ran out of tequila and that was the end of Beergaritas for the weekend! 

Of course that still left us with plenty of things to make and many cocktail experiments went underway over the course of the weekend.

fresh tasty cocktails

I like how chucking fruit in them lets you convince yourself that they are good for you!

By the time Saturday night rolled around though we figured we should leave the real cocktail-creation to the experts and 'borrowed' this chap for the local pub. He definitely approached the cocktail kit with more confidence and less of a 'lets see what this does' attitude of curiousity. 

I have no idea what he made, as I somehow missed a lot of the creative process, but I can tell you it tasted a lot more like a 'real' drink than anything I'd thrown together,... and that we were definitely down a lot of rum the next day! 

It served as great evidence of the good that could be done with the cocktial kit in the hands of a professional! 

By the time Sunday evening rolled by and things had quietened down a bunch, we decided to put the glasses to use in a way I am much more comfortable with!

Apologies for the blurry picture, I think I must have just been too excited to dig into my margarita glass sundae! I was all cocktailed-out by then but thought these sweet treats would be great for our girly film night. We picked up a tub of Vanilla Ice cream from the local shop to create our desserts - mine had crumbled ginger biscuits, maple syrup, broken flapjack, squirt cream and marshmallows and I must say, it was completely delicious! 
Big thanks to drinkstuff for helping enhance our holiday experience - they do a whole range of cool kitchenware as well as loads of drinking related stuff, perfect for special occasions or just stocking the cupboards so make sure you check them out! 


  1. I love those mason jar glasses! I have been after some for a while! And this whole weekend sounds like my perfect weekend, so much alcohol and cocktails!

    Lauren | laurenthedaydreamer.blogspot.co.uk

  2. cocktails are always a good idea!!! :)
    I had planned to get the mason jars and you just reminded me why!! :)


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