3 April 2014

Bluebird Tea Co - A Minty Pair

I haven't forgotten about my Bluebird Tea Co stash while I've been off flirting with other tea brands, so today they're back with a deliciously minty pairing!
I do like a nice minty tea, and not just because I can drink it after brushing my teeth, but that does help!
I was initially intrigued my the MojiTea based on the name, I do enjoy the occasional Mojito (very occasional!) but thought this version would be a bit more acceptable to sip at my desk!
fresh minty tea

This one is made up of Chinese green tea, peppermint, dried lime pieces, lemongrass and lime leaves. I didn't actually spot a whole lot of the lime pieces in mine though, which might be why I didn't find the lime taste to be as strong as I would have liked. I could definitely taste the lemongrass through the mint though, with the end result being a really refreshing and tasty brew perfect for summer days!

tea with lemongrass

As with the MojiTea, the Mint Choc Rooibos didn't need much more than that name to grab my attention. I love mint choc as a flavour though I've usually had it in a 'cold' form - ice cream, milkshake.. so was interested in it as a hot drink.

chocolate tea

As the name suggests this is a Rooibos base, with peppermint and real chocolate - can you see the little chocolate hearts in the tea mix? How sweet!

mint rooibos

The taste of this is just dreamy! It's really creamy and chocolatey and sweet, even without milk. The mint tastes fresh and strong but not sharp or overpowering, so the other flavours still come through. A much more calorie-friendly option that a minty hot chocolate!


  1. Those heart shapes are a really nice touch.

  2. All these teas sound amazing! love the little heart shapes, so sweet :)

  3. I think Mint Chocolate tea might be the best thing ever - I NEED to try it!!

    Jess xo

  4. The choc mint one sounds lovely :D



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