8 April 2014

Daisy Tea Room, Scarborough

I wouldn't say I definitely did plan my recent family weekend away just so that we were neared one of the tea places on my big tea list.... but since we were in the neighbourhood it just made sense to pop into the Daisy Tea Room, Scarborough for a drink and a nibble!

nice tea shop scarborough

This place is adorable! It's a bloggers dream, all pastel colours, vintage bunting and cake everywhere!
I was amazed by this little teacup stack display...

The cake selection was not unattractive either, with plenty to choose from! To my surprise, both the little ones ignored the big fancy creamy decorated things and both went for the comparatively plain looking (but delicious I'm sure) Lemon Drizzle cake and then proceeded to eat it all up without giving me even a little taste!

I got the 'afternoon tea', which was one well-filled sandwich of choice served with crisps and salad, scone with jam and cream, and a daisy cupcake - as well as a pot of tea of course! I opted for a cheese and ham sandwich as I figured there was a good chance the kids would want to 'share' and I knew they'd both eat that - though neither of them seem to be able to go near grated cheese without getting it everywhere! The salad was fresh and tasty, and I love it when you get crisps with your sandwich as that's how they were served in the sandwich shop I worked in when I was a youngster, oh happy days!

afternoon tea with milkshake

The scone was grand but by the time I'd got half way through it I was having doubts about my ability to finish off the cupcake as well (we'd eaten not that long beforehand) - turns out it was so light and scrummy I managed just fine!
I was having a very thirsty day (all that fresh sea air maybe?) so I treated myself to a nice Strawberry Milkshake too - do you find that when you are really really thirsty milk is the only thing that'll sort it out, or is that just me?
I love this place - possibly the most 'me' out of all the spots we've hit so far on the trail, with good food (the do hot stuff too!) at good prices, a huge cake selection and friendly service in a lovely setting - I'll definitely pop back in next time I'm in this neck of the woods! They don't have website or a twitter account as far as I can tell, but they do have a facebook page here. Make sure you call in if you are in the neighbourhood and fancy a drink!


  1. OMG this place looks so amazing but just looked it up and it's miles away from the centre of Scarborough so I doubt I'll ever get there :(


  2. It all looks so pretty! If I am nearby, I will definitely stop off there! :)

  3. That looks a fun and lovely kind of tea room, that milkshake looks tasty too, and you're right. Sometimes milk is the only thing that hits the spot! Going by the map I've probably passed that place numerous times going to Robin Hoods Bay!

  4. It's definitely a bloggers dream!!!!! Everything looks delightfully delicious and fun to visit. I would love to go someday! Really nice post!

  5. Such an adorable little shop :D
    The milkshake looks so cute and bubbly too!


  6. This place looks so cute! I'm going to have to take a visit!
    Kloe xx

  7. This looks like a beautiful little place. Pictures of those cakes have made me very hungry



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