23 April 2014

Outfit - Bank Holiday Cinema Trip

I promise I was waving at a real person, not at the camera, despite what it looks like! My attempts to take outfit pictures anywhere other than the garden resulted in some attention-seeking youngsters demanding I focus more on them than having my photo taken!
So I figured home was the best plan where I could distract them with Minecraft and Adventure Time respectively, and I could get my pose on. The pretty frock that I am showing off today is a new acquisition from Wear All, the Audrey Collar Pleated Skater Dress (£16.95)*
Available in four colours, my favourite was the Navy  - until it arrived at work and my dad laughed at my 'school uniform dress'! But still, if I was put off clothes by my dads comments I wouldn't wear anything but black jeans and black jumpers... and to be fair I'm far too old to be confused for a schoolgirl!

Though I suppose I didn't help matters by teaming it with my most schoolgirly shoes - not that I ever wore heels to school! This pair are from Rocketdog - I've had them a while and they don't seem to be on the site anymore so I can't tell you the name/style but I they're the tallest shoes that I feel comfortable walking in and for that reason alone (the cuteness of them just being a bonus) I bought them in red too!

The tights I'm pretty sure are from Primark but while searching through my tights drawer to find a pair to go with the dress I came to the sad realisation my collection isn't what it once was - so many pairs have suffered holes, runs and general ruining so that's one area of my wardrobe I do need to pay some attention to!

And that I think brings us back around to the dress! I think this was one of those rare occasions when the dress that arrived actually looked nicer that that the photo on the website - on the picture the collar didn't look quite even and the skirt didn't look 100% straight (wondering why I still liked the look of it? I never stand straight anyway and can never resist a contrasting collar and a good price!) but I think it must have been the way it was photographed because the real-life dress looks pretty perfect! It's really cosy too, the synthetic material allowing plenty of stretch but without feeling flimsy - it's actually quite thick and warm!
Wear All carry loads of different stuff, from dresses and skirts to jumpers and jackets - and a plus size range! - all at budget friendly prices, and after testing out the quality of this dress for the price I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them in the future! You can also find them on twitter to say hello to here.
Now if only they did tights....


  1. I have 3 draws of tights. A lot of them don't fit me because I constantly lose and weight, boo. Also HOLES.

    I love the dress and the tights. Taking photos is hard work, I am always scared of going it alone, ha.

    Corinne x

    1. haha I really need a tights sort-out but I really hate throwing things away, even if they are old and knackered!

  2. I love your collection of dresses! This style really suits you :)

    Sharon x


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