15 April 2014

#rainbownailsblog - Purple

First post in a few days as I've been off having  exciting bloggery adventures, that you'll be able to read all about soon if you are so inclined - but firstly I didn't want to forget about the #rainbownailsblog project or get too far behind so here's this weeks effort! 

easy nail designs - flowers

The colour we've got up to is, fairly obviously, purple. I collected together a bunch of purples in a variety of different tones and shades and dug out a dotting tool to attempt these little flowers. Some of the colours showed up more than others and over all this might have worked slightly better on a different coloured background - but then that wouldn't have been really embracing the purple now would it?! 

Purple is my favourite colour (hence why I have so many purple polishes I guess!) so I am by default rather keen on these! 

The #rainbownailsblog project is drawing towards its end now sadly, though we've got a couple of 'bonus' weeks coming up after next weeks blue so hopefully I can figure out some good designs to finish off with! 


  1. Purple is my favourite too, I have a lot of purple polish. I really like this design I'm gonna have to try flowers with my dotting tool. xx

  2. This is such a cute design! I love that glittery purple polish, very pretty :)

  3. Beautiful nails, I love the design.



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