7 April 2014

#rainbownailsblog - orange

I'll be honest, Orange was definitely the colour of the rainbow I was least looking forward to as well as the one I have least polish options to choose from in my stash.
Still, I remembered I had this Models Own 'Peaches and Cream' polish somewhere which I though might do, and while I was looking for it I also came across this lovely shiny copper colour from Avon.
Models Own Peaches and Cream Avon Copper
I was so overjoyed that I'd found not one but two polishes that I could get away with as 'orange' that I thought I'd keep the actual nails quite simple, covering them all with the Peaches and Cream and just doing the tips with the copper. I wasn't going to do the copper ends as thick as they turned out but it was so gosh darn pretty that I wanted a bit more on there!
models own peaches and cream

I'm not entirely convinced how well the two go together as they have such vastly different finishes, but individually they're both pretty gorgeous! Not really suited to the grey days though, I reckon these will both really come into their own when the sun comes out!
You can see everyone else's rainbow nails by checking out the #rainbownailsblog hashtag on twitter!


  1. Oh thats lovely :) xx

  2. Great Mani! Copper is not a colour I'd go for usually, but that looks really nice and shiny too!

  3. I like them. I love the orange with the copper too, very pretty!

  4. Love them together Kel! Defs perfect for summer :)
    I have a models own orange called tangerine queen & it's a shockingly bright shade of orange. Usually reserved for the days I'm wearing back to brighten up an outfit.

    Kerys | Little Bo Blab

  5. I actually really like the combination, I like mixing up polish finishes! :)
    Lovely nail art, simple but super effective :D

    Jess xo

  6. I love orange and I am loving these two colours together. I may have to give it a go myself!

    Kim | kimsbeautydrawer.com



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