20 April 2014

Sunday Soak - Chocolate goodies from Bomb Cosmetics

Happy Easter everyone! 

Since my egg stash is considerably smaller than that of the kids today, I thought I'd use the opportunity to bust out my chocolatey bath bombs that I got in my swap package from Claire

Bomb cosmetics chocolate

This little bath thing came in a set of six, somewhat similar to this one. I have no idea what specific product is is, as I seem to have lost the little leaflet that came with it, so I just picked the prettiest looking one out of the box! It did smell really chocolately though! 

These are only small but with over 20% shea butter in each one they don't need to be big to make a big difference to your bath! This was a slow melter, which meant that while it was fizzing away in the bath releasing all the moisturising goodness, you could use it as a mega creamy exfoliating massage bar for extra softness! 

I'm pretty sure the heart topper is real chocolate for an extra decadent touch to an already sweet bathing experience! Though not enough of it to make a mess either which always helps, I hate it when you need to give that bath a good scrubbing after a relaxing soak! 

Nice as it was though, it's not quite the same as actually eating chocolate so I think I'm gonna go see what I can steal from the little ones now! 


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