30 April 2014

Three Lush Showergels - Grass, Ponche, Rose Jam

I'll admit, a couple of the Lush shower gels I've been loving so far this year were seasonal limited edition items so this less that timely review will probably be of no use to anyone..... but at the rate this year has been flying by it'll be Christmas again in no time and hopefully these bad boys will be available again!

Grass, Ponche and Rose Jam from Lush

Grass (from £4.95) is the only one of the three (all acquired in various Christmas gift sets) that's available year round and it's perfect for sunshiny days! It's not been a conscious choice, but this seems to be the one I reach for when I've been working in the garden, trying to get it looking less overgrown and abandoned. It's like a 'clean' version of what I must already smell like! I've always loved the scent of grass, but as a hayfever-sufferer it's a bit of a double edged sword. Through this shower gel I can enjoy the spring-fresh fragrance without it making my eyes go crazy. It's just such a shame I can't get out of the gardening!
Where Grass is pretty much Summer bottled, Ponche is a perfect warming winter wash! Inspired by traditional Mexican punch, it contains orange, plum and cinnamon for a spiced fruity base, with a dash of tequila to get you in the party spirit! If definitely has a festive feel - just a shame this one isn't likely to last me 'til next Christmas!
But my undisputed favourite of the three is Rose Jam. Oh my, I don't know where to start with this one! Unlike Grass and Ponche that both seem to have seasonal leanings, this one is glorious year round (so it would be super to release this as a permanent product, if anyone with that power somehow reads this!) I have a natural inclination to anything rose-scented anyway, though this one doesn't have that old-lady flowery rosiness, but that same fresh sweet Turkish Delight scent as the bubbleroon with the same name and Ro's Argan body conditioner. It's just gorgeous.
All three are great quality - strongly scented with a fragrance that does stick around for a while, really foamy and easy to wash with. But for shower gels, they don't come cheap - I could get a few big bottles of Original Source for the price of one of these little fellas for example, and that stuff is just fine. So would I pay full price for these? Maybe... for Rose Jam, just because it's such an absolute delight! Though, if you are quick enough to pick these up in the post-Christmas sale (either on their own or in gift sets), then you can't go too far wrong, they really are all lovely!
Have you got your eye on any of these for Christmas, or are you a Snow Fairy fan through and through?


  1. Damn you! Saw this and got v excited cos I thought Rose Jam was back. Sulking :(

    Chloe x

  2. Snow Fairy fan through and through ;) I agree about the price though, it's hard to justify it on a shower gel.

    Danniella x

  3. You made me wanna try these out :) Can't wait when they have a sale! Great review ;) xo's

  4. great post! I'm planning a trip to lush in the next city for saturday! can't wait to pick up some yummy things! :)

  5. Ponche sounds beautiful! Such a shame Lush's shower gels contain SLS :(

    Jess xo

  6. ponche is my favourite at Christmas :) im not a snow fairy fan! its just so sweet

    Catherine x


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