6 April 2014

Sunday Soak - Whittard Bathtub Teabags

I think I've probably made it clear by now on this blog that I'm partial to the odd spot of tea. I think I've probably also established that I'm keen on a good bath. So when I received these Whittard Bathtub Teabags (in a Christmas goodie bag from Michelle) it seemed like they were made for me! 

whittards bath

The pack promises four bathtime-sized jumbo teabags - just pop in your hot bath let brew for five minutes and then soak away all your stresses in the lemon-and-lavender scented water! 

They really do look just like giant teabags! The paper bags are filled with lemon balm, rosehip peels, peppermint leaves, lavender, passionflower leaves, and valerian root for a hugely relaxing experience! The lavender is the strongest scent, and I always love it in a bath as it proper knocks me out, especially in the very hot water I tend to fill my tub with! 

relaxing lavender bath

As well as the lavender though it really did have a very tea-ey scent and vibe! Though I didn't get a good pic on my brewed bath I did have an element of herbal tea in its visual too (by which I mean it definitely had a hint of 'has someone wee'd in here?' about it). And, like a good cup of tea, it was very relaxing! 

whittards bathtub tea

Unfortunately I can't seem to spot these on the Whittards web page anymore, but looks like you can grab them on Amazon, and at £4 for the pack it works out £1 per bath, a bargain when you consider the price of individual bath bombs! 

Would you fancy one of these? Or do you prefer to keep your tea water and bath water seperate? 


  1. These sound really interesting! I'm not a fan of lavender scents but I'd love to see if they do any other variants :)

    Jess xo

  2. Wow! Your two favourite things combined! :)

    That is soo cool :D


  3. Wow such a great idea!
    Bathing in tea must be a dream come true for you :D


  4. Have you tried the eye bags? They are amazing and I adore them.


  5. who ever invented this is just a genius!! I really want to try one of those. It sounds nice!

  6. They look pretty cool, but they don't beat Lush bath bombs! :)


  7. This is a lovely idea! I've actually tried real (green) teabags in my bath and it feels really good for your skin... imagine these smell a bit nicer though ;)

  8. These sound amazing! I need to try them!
    Kloe xx


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