16 April 2014

Getting Acquainted With Whittard

Despite my by now well-documented affection for tea, and despite shopping there for years (coffee-based gifts for my brother and hot chocolate for me!), I've never really drunk tea from Whittard. Crazy, I know - but I didn't realise before just how many amazing flavours and varieties they had to offer!
So imagine my surprise at the extensive list of options I had to choose from when I was offered the chance to try a couple. Not an easy decision, by any stretch but I eventually settled on the White Chocolate and the Chilli Mango and I can't regret that decision in the slightest!
chocolate pieces in loose tea
I was very excited about the prospect of a White Chocolate tea. It's only been relatively recently that I've come to appreciate the ingenuity of putting chocolate in tea, but I've never seen a White Chocolate version before!

I tend to find the flavour of white chocolate isn't as strong as that of its darker counterparts, and can sometimes get a bit 'lost' when mixed with other things, but I had no need to worry. The white chocolate is complemented so well by it's delicate white tea base that you can really taste it and the resulting cup-full is sweet, creamy and delicious!

light tea review
Perhaps most impressively though, unlike other chocolate based teas that promise 'a low calorie solution to chocolate cravings' but in reality just make me want to eat more proper chocolate - this one is so rich and creamy that it really does satisfy those sweet-thing urgings (or at least hold them at bay for a little while!)
My one word of warning is to not let it brew too long, 2-3 minutes is all you need for this one and any longer can leave your drink ever so slightly bitter.

I was going to make more fuss of the smell, which really was very lovely but paled in comparison to the amazing aroma of this next one, the Chilli Mango tea.

fruity spiced tea

The Chilli Mango tea is I think the first tea I've almost not wanted to drink because it would mean the amazing smell would be gone.
While I got the White Chocolate one with me in mind, with this choice I was thinking of my brother  who had told me in a previous conversation that his favourite teas were 'fruity and spicy' so this sounded like it'd do the trick nicely - aren't I a good sister?
I was expecting the chilli to have a bit more of a kick to it, but it was there, deliciously warming rather than hot, and the mango flavour is sweet and strong. My bro likes his with milk, and I prefer mine without - it's good either way!

whittards chilli mango tea

Good as this was, I'm determined to save some of it for the hopefully hotter summer months we have coming up as it'd make a cracking ice tea.

Alice in wonderland tea pot

And though I haven't mentioned it yet, I'm sure you've spotted it - the amazing Alice in Wonderland Fine Bone China Mug. The lovely folk at Whittard also very kindly sent this too so I had something to drink my tea out of, and I loved it so much I've been shopping the rest of the range since! As well as one other mug and the adorable tea-filled tin selection, I just had to have the teapot - the queen of teaware and the pride of my collection! I'm so in love I almost don't want to use it! But there are still plenty of things in the range I need to finish up my collection - you can check them all out here!

I can't believe I hadn't gone to Whittard before for replenishing my tea stash but I certainly will be doing so in the future, after all I need something to go in that pot!

Did you know they did all these awesome flavours, or have I just been living under a rock?

* contains PR samples. And other stuff I bought 'cos I'm a tea fiend.


  1. Gotta say loving the sound of that chilli mango tea for sure, and what a charming tea set they gave you!

  2. Chili mango sounds AMAZING! And I'm digging the tea set. Good work, Whittard. :)

  3. I absolutely love that tea set! It's so pretty! The tea's also sound amazing, especially the chili mango!

  4. Chilli and mango tea sounds amazing :) <3

  5. That Alice in Wonderland range looks gorgeous! Also the teas look yummy! x


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