6 May 2014

April Wantable Box - Intimates

I've said many a time here about how much I adore subscription boxes - especially when you can get access to the non-uk ones as they can be a great way of trying out new products and new brands. So obviously I was giddy at being given the chance to get my paws on one of the boxes released by US box-sending masters Wantable.

subsciption box with clothes

Wantable produce not one, not two, but three different kinds of box on a monthly basis - a makeup box, an accessories box and an intimates box. Now, I do love getting make up in the post - but my house is slowly getting full of the stuff, and though I do love jewellery and accessories I know I'm quite fussy about what I wear, so I thought it'd take the opportunity to try something different and opt for the 'intimates' box.

(Also, I'm really nosy and hadn't seen as many blog posts on the intimates box as the others so thought it'd be a good way of peeking inside one!)

So what would you find in an 'intimates' box? Don't worry - nothing too 'intimate'! The box comes with 4-5 items including socks, tights, tops and sleepwear. The box is personalised to your tastes, so as part of the personalisation process you get to choose whether you would 'love' or 'dislike' to receive certain items.
You also get to log your preferences in terms of style (above) and colour (below), with plenty of visual examples so you know exactly what they mean by each description and can see which you prefer. You also input your measurements so you know that everything that arrives should fit perfectly!

So, what did I get in my box? I must have ticked the 'brights' box, because my contents were definitely eyecatching! The first thing on peeking at me from the top of the pile was this bright turquoise cami from St Eve (RRP $15). I'm wearing it today under my work clothes, just to test it for comfort for you, and it passes with no problems! The material is soft, the straps adjustable and the colour is gorgeous - perfect for the holiday I'm dreaming of but don't have booked!

Also not lacking for colour are the Lily Cheekie Boyshirts from Yummie Life ($18). Probably brighter than underwear a lady of my age should be wearing (but then I've never let my age put me off Hello Kitty printed knickers either), I was most intrigued by the lightweight, laser cut material of these. Though said to 'target your trouble spots', I can't imagine these would do an amazing job at holding in any wobbly bits to a strong degree, but would be great for giving a smooth silhouette under clothing.

wantable lingerie

Continuing the pink theme I also got this cute Steve Madden nightie (or Chemise, it says on the sheet - $36) - I don't think I've actually worn a nightie since I was a kid but this is very cute - decent but not grandmotherly in length and very cosy.

 And then finally I got to the On Gossamer Mesh Boyshorts ($16). I wasn't sure what to make of these at first, they felt like good quality, with some pretty little detailing but I wasn't really keen on the fleshy colour. But wearing them? Beyond comfortable. I went from being a bit iffy about them to being a bit in love, my favourite item in the box!

Everything I received fit perfectly - presumably a result of inputting a lot of the measurements in inches rather than arbitrary clothing sizes, and was neatly packed with a cheery little message greeting me on opening (little things like this always make me smile!)

The boxes work out at $36 dollars each if you sign up to an ongoing subscription, or you can treat yourself to a one-off for $40 and if this one is anything to go by the box cost is significantly less than the full value of the individual items - and everything I've read indicates it's the same for the other box types too! I really need to try one of each to see which I like best, don't you think?

*this box was sent to me free of charge for review purposes


  1. I just had my first Wantable intimates box come last week and I love it! It's such a great service with the tracking, and it's really good value for money! You got some great stuff in your box :)

  2. Too bad they don't deliver here :( Seems like a great box...

  3. This is such a great idea for a subscription box, a little bit different from all the others! The cami is a gorgeous colour :)

    Jess xo

  4. hhahaha love the idea but would freak out to what is in there (I'm very picky with my undies)!
    nice post! indeed I've never seen anything like this ;)


  5. looks like they have some very cute stuff in the box

  6. I've never had any boxes like these before. I am so curious in getting one, but there are so many! Birchbox, ipsy, and now this one! I wish I could get every box.

  7. I have never seen clothing subscription boxes before. So cool. The items seem to be very comfortable! I want to try so many things out but I can't order online yet so.. I guess I'll just wait

  8. This looks like such a fun subscription box! I think I would have to pick the intimates one too.
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